ActivePerl: system requirement or "batteries included"?
by Angie Hirata

Angie Hirata, November 16, 2010

ActivePerl OEM Licensing As many of you know, ActivePerl has been popular with system administrators and developers for some time. One of the things this has resulted in is many software applications leveraging ActivePerl, and pointing their customers to download directly from us. These users then download ActivePerl Community Edition - whichever version their vendor recommends, based on what they've tested.

Other vendors choose to re-distribute and bundle ActivePerl directly with their software. Instead of making their users get yet another piece of 3rd party software on their system to run the application, these vendors opt for the "batteries included" model so that their application "just works". Software vendors like CA, Cisco, Funnelback, Numara, Picis, VMWare, SDL/XyEnterprise go with this OEM option usually for a few reasons:

  • Create a more seamless, one-stop-shop experience for their customers with fewer external requirements
  • Ensure that the version of ActivePerl they've tested will continue to be available for customers
  • Eliminate need for customers to pay for versions of ActivePerl not freely available (ie - Solaris, HP compatible, ActivePerl 5.6)
  • Eliminate re-testing with new versions of ActivePerl that are freely available
  • Decrease development time and speed up time-to-market with pre-compiled, QA'd versions of ActivePerl
  • Reduce the number of support calls related to 3rd party incompatibility

If you currently have ActivePerl listed as a 3rd party component in your system requirements, contact us to discuss how you can make your application "batteries included" with ActivePerl.

Photo credit: Copyright: Alicia Solario, from stock.xchng

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Angie Hirata is our VP, Sales & Marketing. Before joining ActiveState, Angie worked at several start-ups and large organizations including Maximizer Software, JustSystems, Eyeball Networks, Seagate Software, and SEI Industries. She holds a B.Comm from the University of British Columbia and a leadership certificate from the New York University School of Business.