The secrets of Node's success
by Kendra Penrose

Kendra Penrose, June 9, 2011

node js What's all that twitter fuss about Node you ask? Well, our very own Troy Topnik wrote a "Smart and technically literate history of Node.js" article for O'Reilly Radar that has garnered a tonne of attention over the last 24 hours - What are you waiting for? Go read it for yourself!

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Kendra Penrose is our Marketing and Communications Manager. When she isn't "marketing and communicating" she can be found hiking, doing yoga, listening to tunes, eating yummy food, and hanging out with family and friends. She originally hails from the non-profit sector but has found her home in IT.


1 comments for The secrets of Node's success

Isn't it amazing how one article can go viral in such a short amount of time? I want to thank you for sharing the link with us so that we can see just what the fuss is all about.


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