Enterprise Python, Perl & Tcl

Get the most from your use of Perl, Python or Tcl and reduce your compliance, legal, and security risks.
We offer custom managed and self-serve distributions, including support and maintenance, on Windows, Linux, AIX and more – even for 32-bit and older releases.

ActiveState Open Source Languages Automation platform

vulnerability remediation

Identify & Resolve Security Vulnerabilities Faster

The ActiveState Platform now lets you FIND & FIX vulnerabilities and automatically rebuild a secure version of your Python, Perl and Tcl environments in minutes, decreasing Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR) from days to hours.

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Open Source Languages and Tools

ActiveState helps coders and teams be more productive with ready-to-use open source languages and tools, built with the security and license compliance you need.

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Leading Perl distribution with top packages included.

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Leading Python distribution for data science, web apps and more.

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Leading Tcl distribution trusted for mission-critical applications.

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Universal package management solution for Perl, Python & Tcl.

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A CLI tool that puts the power of the ActiveState Platform right in your terminal.
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Enterprise Build Solutions for Open Source Languages

The ActiveState Platform automates the tools we’ve been using for 20+ years to build our open source language distributions. But languages, operating systems, packages and dependencies continually change, resulting in a combinatorially complex problem. ActiveState experts can:

  • Ensure your builds can be built and secured with your specific options.
  • Provide security and compliance reports for your builds.
  • Help you understand your build’s OEM and indemnification options.

Who Benefits

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Work with the open source languages you love without the hassles of runtime management.

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Build Engineering

Update runtimes on all systems with a single command, ensuring your teams have secure, reproducible, consistent environments – from dev through production.

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Security & Compliance

Have corporate requirements for using open source languages? Mitigate risk with security and compliance reports, as well as support and maintenance SLAs.

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