Create your secure, reproducible
open source language runtime.

Build your Python, Perl, Ruby, and Tcl dependencies from source
and get a secure and easy-to-share runtime.

Flask 2.2.1

Flask-Login 0.6.0

requests 2.27.1

SQLAlchemy 1.4.35

1Select the packages you need from our trusted catalog.

Build Progress
Checkmark signifying a package building finished.Flask 2.21
Checkmark signifying a package building finished.Flask-Login 0.6.0
Checkmark signifying a package building finished.requests 2.27.1
Checkmark signifying a package building finished.SQLAlchemy 1.4.35

2We build all dependencies from source, for each OS you need.

$ state activate my-runtimeDownloading dependencies...Activating environment...Done! $ flask runRunning on

3You get a one-line command for easy installation and sharing.

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Why choose ActiveState for your open source language runtimes


No more "works on my machine" issues. Each time you install an ActiveState runtime, it will be exactly the same. Every package and version is recorded in a complete history.


Keeping a consistent environment between team members has never been easier. Create an organization and if one member changes a runtime, everyone can pull the change down to stay in sync.

Easy to Distribute

We give you many ways to distribute your runtime. You can share a single command, set up an artifact repository, or generate an installer. It's perfect for large teams and open source projects working collaboratively.


We're on top of all vulnerabilities in your runtime. You'll see any vulnerabilities in your project in real-time and get alerts when new vulnerabilities are discovered.


Concerned about compliance? We make it easy to see all the licenses for your dependencies, so you're never at risk. Soon, we'll let you set policies to create organization-wide enforcement for compliance issues.


Our powerful graphQL API lets you integrate with your existing pipelines. Use the API to access licenses, vulnerabilities, and artifacts or to generate a complete SBOM (Software Bill of Materials). Beyond the API, you can also integrate with existing tools like JFrog Artifactory seamlessly.

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Choose from all the latest packages from PyPI and beyond. Trusted and verified.

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The latest and greatest modules from CPAN are all available for your runtimes.

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Access the largest repository of trusted Tcl packages.

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A selection of the most popular Gems are available for your runtimes.

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"ActiveState satisfied the internal needs of both engineering and DevOps. We gain speed, flexibility and engineering time, plus can better manage the risk of products running Python with a uniform and consistent approach."

Raj Behera

Vice President Research and Development

MSC Software / Hexagon

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