Your Runtime Environments. Built Automatically from Source.

Spend less time configuring and more time coding with an automated, pre-configured build environment. ActiveState’s powerful beta will automatically resolve dependencies and package your runtime environment for you.

— it’s Free!

Supports Python, Perl & Tcl on Linux & Windows, as well as Python on Mac.

Final call - ci/cd survey 2020

Do you work with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery tools? Let’s improve things.

The survey takes less than 5 minutes and you get a copy of the early report right away. See how your CI/CD practices compare with the industry and get notified when an extensive CI/CD report is ready!

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Open Source Languages and Tools

ActiveState helps coders and teams be more productive with ready-to-use open source languages and tools, built with the security and license compliance you need.


Leading Perl distribution with top packages included.

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Leading Python distribution for data science, web apps and more.

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Leading Tcl distribution trusted for mission-critical applications.

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The only commercially supported Go distribution.

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Easy-to-install Ruby for Windows and more, with top gems included.

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Multi-language IDE for Python, Perl and more.

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Enterprise Build Solutions

The ActiveState Platform automates the tools we’ve been using for 20+ years to build our open source language distributions. But languages, operating systems, packages and dependencies continually change, resulting in a combinatorially complex problem. ActiveState experts can:

  • Ensure your builds can be built, and with your specific options.
  • Provide security and compliance reports for your builds.
  • Help you understand your build’s OEM and indemnification options.

Who Benefits


Work with the languages you love without the hassles of runtime management.

Build Engineering

Update runtimes on all systems with a single command, ensuring your teams have secure, reproducible, consistent environments – from dev through production.

Security & Compliance

Have corporate requirements for using open source? Mitigate risk with security and compliance reports, as well as support and maintenance SLAs.

Trusted by Developers, Proven for the Enterprise

Python-based open source projects are invited to participate in our early access program for the ActiveState Platform. Learn More