Open source security developers will love

Open Source Security


will love.

ActiveState is so seamless that the business can function even with turnover and little training. The lights stay on and engineers don’t have to worry about what language they are using to add value.

Ashish Saxena

Director of Engineering, Druva

Over 1 million users trust us with their open source security.

ActiveState is the first and only secure open source integration platform.

We provide security so seamless your developers won’t know it’s there, with…

Empirical observability

Visualize in-use open source, where it’s deployed, and where it came from.

Scalable consistency

Centrally manage and reproduce environments across teams and infrastructure.

Unrestricted upgrades

Use any versions you want, securely, and upgrade on demand.

We do three things better than anyone, so we built our Platform around them.

1. Transitive dependency visibility

We put in the work to ingest and break down packages to their core, we don’t stop at the top-level dependencies.  This means when you get an SBOM or attestation from us, or we show you what’s in a package, it’s complete, accurate and trustworthy.

2. Building artifacts from source

Sure our engine can reproduce your build, but we also do it from source, every time.  This means every build is solved quickly and efficiently, and with the assurance that you’re getting exactly what you want in your build.

3. Solving universal dependencies

We get things to just work so you have one less thing to worry about when you start your project. This means you can throw the packages you want into our platform and we will resolve the dependencies in minutes so you can get to coding, faster.

Need to move fast? Use our CLI tool to access your projects without opening a browser.

Protecting your code, one build at a time!

EoL Version Support

We provide End-of-Life version support by offering updates, patches, and security fixes for outdated software versions.

Audit/Mandate Compliance

We facilitate compliance with audits and mandates by providing comprehensive tools and support to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and standards.

Supply Chain Security Guidance

We streamline the initiation of supply chain security measures by offering comprehensive guidance and tailored solutions, ensuring a smooth and secure implementation process.

You shouldn’t have to choose between security and speed.

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