Your Runtime Environments. Built Automatically. In Minutes.

Spend more time coding and less time build engineering. The ActiveState Platform makes it easy to build stable, reproducible and easy-to-deploy runtimes – in any language, on any platform.

— it’s Free!

Supports Python, Perl & Tcl on Linux & Windows, as well as Python on Mac!

Python 2 End of Life

Python 2 EOL – Now What?

In 2020, your Python 2 applications are less reliable and more vulnerable. Do you plan to migrate, mitigate or rewrite? ActiveState is here to help.

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Open Source Languages and Tools

ActiveState helps coders and teams be more productive with ready-to-use open source languages and tools, built with the security and license compliance you need.


Leading Perl distribution with top packages included.

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Leading Python distribution for data science, web apps and more.

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Leading Tcl distribution trusted for mission-critical applications.

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The only commercially supported Go distribution.

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Easy-to-install Ruby for Windows and more, with top gems included.

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Multi-language IDE for Python, Perl and more.

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Automate Your Build Engineering

The ActiveState Platform makes open source language development easier. Automate building of runtime environments, share them with your team and scan for security and compliance issues.

Who Benefits


Work with the languages you love, without the hassle of configuring your environment.

Build Engineering

Ensure your team is on secure, consistent environments – from dev through production.

Security & Compliance

Have corporate requirements for using open source? Mitigate risk with automatic scanning, legal indemnification and SLA’s.

Trusted by Developers, Proven for the Enterprise

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