I downloaded ActiveState ActivePerl and I haven't looked back since. Simply brilliant! At the moment I use it mostly to check, or remove unwanted pages from, and postscript print files.

-Tim Armstrong, Zurich UK Account

We're enthusiastic about working with ActiveState. Your proficiency in open source programming software is a good fit with our expertise in software configuration management tools. Perl's flexibility and excellence as a scripting solution on multiple platforms made it the ideal choice for embedding into [our software].

-Sandy Wilbourn, VP and General Manager, IBM

Not only is it reliable, scalable and enterprise-ready, ActivePerl saves CA development time and dollars.

-Lawrence Backman, Vice President, CA

We estimate that the [ActivePerl OEM license] saves us about 50K Euro per year on support and possible missed deals.

-Walter Verhoeven, Creative Associates

ActivePerl is meeting, if not beating our expectations.

-Ron Dovich, Vice President of Engineering, AlterPoint

ActiveState has provided us with virtually all of our Perl development needs.

-Marc Bilodeau, CTO, Plixer

Since the beginning we've been satisfied with the results, and have found ActivePerl to be robust and reliable ever since.

-Scott Baxter, Director of Software Development, Finisar

The ActivePerl code is solid and the quality is extremely high. We're a very happy ActiveState customer.

-Mark Krieger, VP of Product Development, Numara Software

ActivePerl for ProDiscover has been a success, with high customer acceptance and a flourishing third-party market for specialized scripting.

-Chris Brown, CTO, Technology Pathways

Once the decision in favor of ActivePerl was made, it took only a few months to create the communications center for all the platforms iLinc required.

-Ethan Abrams, Vice President of Product Development, iLinc

With a virtual appliance model, there's an expectation that that the licensing is looked after and that's what ActivePerl OEM provides.

-Lou Steinberg, CEO, Rev2 Networks


ActivePython is the solution. Python has long had the Py2Exe module available, and ActivePython comes with a set of nice tools to help you develop, test, and deploy your Python project, be it as a script, zip, or .exe file.

-Nate Dickson, Coals [2] Newcastle


Tcl has proven to be the best scripting language for our automated testing environment for over a decade now. The number of Tcl users within our organization has grown from a few engineers to over thousands. ActiveState has successfully managed to fill in the spot of providing Tcl support where Scriptics/Ajuba left off. With a response time of less than an hour, no matter what time of the day or night the support is requested, I wonder: do the Tcl developers at ActiveState ever sleep?

-Hemang Lavana Software Engineer, Cisco

I'm delighted to see ActiveState fill the void in corporate support for Tcl.

-John Ousterhout, Creator of Tcl

Diverting engineers to Tcl instead of working on new features and customizations is a big opportunity cost. Not having to expend resources on ActiveTcl means savings over the years.

-Paul Bradley, CTO, DAFCA

ActivePerl Pro Studio

ActiveState has TERRIFIC customer technical support! I've been in the IT business since 1975 and I can honestly say this was one of the best, if not THE best, support experience I've had.

-Bill Flynn, Senior Programmer , IT Resources, LLC

We use Komodo IDE and the Perl Dev Kit to build our internal systems. They save us an amazing amount of time and effort.

-Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT Advisor , Illuminata

I am really enjoying my subscription! The reasonable subscription prices help a lot of professionals like me grab all the knowledge that is out there and make us more productive to the organizations we serve!

-Lance Quadros, Manager , Databases and UNIX Systems

I've been hooked on the tools in ActivePerl Pro Studio for a couple years, using Komodo IDE to develop financial information processing systems and to wrangle ugly chunks of code. The ASPN website was already a great source of information, and Safari Bookshelf makes it even more valuable, saving me money and hassle. The powerful search capabilities and integration with the ASPN site are a huge help in my work.

-Eric Gjerde, IT Manager , Northland Securities, Inc.

Thank you for your excellent product, ActivePerl Pro Studio. It's really enjoyable to use.

-Victor Schmehl, Electrical Engineer , Naval Surface Warfare Center

I have worked in the IT field for 16 years and ActivePerl Pro Studio is the best source of information and development tools available today. ActivePerl Pro Studio has been instrumental in helping keep my skills up so I can stay competitive. Great job ActiveState, keep up the outstanding work.

-Shawn Leard, Perl programmer

I definitely want to renew my ActivePerl Pro Studio subscription. This is money well spent. The ActiveState tools have been indispensable in my applications.

-Mark E. Hail, President , Novatia, LLC

ActiveTcl Pro Studio

The Tcl Dev Kit is excellent. In a mostly-J2EE shop, the presence of Tcl can't be denied (even if it isn't advertised), providing both important infrastructure in custom CVS server scripts and application server admin tools, everyday tools to support development, and a reliable "go-to" set of capabilities to quickly solve nasty problems that system-level languages complicate unnecesarily. The kit extends what is provided by the core language and the helpful Tcl community with an extensive, clean set of packages, debugger, wrapper (huge improvements since the TclPro days), and (my new favorite) editor, Komodo.

-George Schlitz, Configuration Management Senior Consultant, State Street Global Markets

Perl Dev Kit

Perl Dev Kit will give you back your weekends.

-Foo Ji-Haw, NexLabs Pte Ltd

I found PerlApp from Activestate. It's AWESOME. I've compiled binaries for Windows and Linux so far, and it completely ROCKS. It has both a GUI and CLI, and the GUI exact same Look and Feel on Windows and Linux, and it just works.

-Justin Eagleson, Ancillary Buzz

We use PDK to provide our customers with critical network management applications written in Perl. With the new dynamically-linked runtime libraries, we can enhance these applications with functionality from key modules - and even provide smaller exes. I highly recommend PDK 7.0 to any Perl developer.

-Mike Gent, Virtual Expanse Innovations

I use Perl Dev Kit from ActiveState to develop my Perl executables. I can't live without it. I combine Perl, Perl Dev Kit and Tk or Win32::GUI to develop VB-like apps, and use PerlTray to develop executables that run as tray applications in MS Windows. It also facilitates the creation of MSI setup modules in Perl as well as the creation of NT services in Perl. Very, very nice. As I said - very handy - and I cannot live without it.

-Jonathan Hughes, Tech Support Specialist, Goodyear South Africa

Perl is the best, and now that it can create executables for Windows makes the language complete in my opinion.

-Ketema Harris, Technology Consultant, TEMA Web Design & Consulting

It was the fine folks at ActiveState with their Perl Dev Kit that really made it possible for us to release on Windows with their PerlApp (for making Perl-based .exe files) and PerlSvc (for making Perl-based Windows Services).

-Dean Blackketter, Slim Devices

I thought PerlApp allowed for much easier deployment than Java, easier coding than C, and wider support than Delphi.

-Charles Oppenheimer, CEO, Recursive Technology LLC

I installed PDK this morning. Way cool! The perlapp function let me compile a Tk script into a working .exe file. The other thing I notice is the exe files it creates are a lot smaller. I'm sold, never want to lose this one!

-Mike Armitage, Systems Engineer, Verizon

Perl is a great language to get stuff done swiftly and powerfully. ActivePerl and the Perl Dev Kit are stupendous products.

-Roger Voss, Technology Integration Senior Developer, Internet Enrollment Solutions

Perl Dev Kit is the best - and I do mean best - software I have ever used! It simply compares to nothing else. THANK YOU!!

-Bill Kambouroglou, Network Implementation Design and Programming, IBM

I love PerlApp. It does just what I've needed for a long time!

-Timothy M. Valdez, UI Branch Campus Webmaster/ITS Web Developer, University of Idaho

I've used PDK since the 1.0 release and love the ability to create standalone ActiveX controls. We run most of our automated functions using Perl. I can better manage the distribution of standalone executables on our critical HP-UX servers, while maintaining the core distribution on just one server.

-Dave Warner, Sr. Applications Developer/DBA, Northrop Grumann IT Computing Systems

This is a great product. The Debugger alone is worth the price I paid, not to mention the other great tools.

-Shawn Scott, Network Systems Engineer/Systems Integrator, Broadview Networks Inc.

Thanks for a great product.... I've owned all the versions. You folks are doing a marvelous job.

-Jeff Wood, Senior Developer/Solutions Architect, Donobi, Inc.

GREAT PRODUCT! It saves me a ton of time at work.

-Matt Hicks, IT PSS Systems Management, SAP America, Inc.

We're adopting Perl as our scripting language of choice because of its crossplatform portability, and PDK's functionality is a god-send. I perform attack and penetration tests on our servers and the smaller footprint of the new PerlApp executables is very important.

-Matt Wagenknecht, Internet Security Engineer, Quantum Corp

I love the Perl language. It makes seemingly impossible and arduous tasks easy and fun. ActivePerl and the Perl Dev Kit make it even easier. The work that ActiveState is doing is absolutely brilliant. The ease of installation of the distribution, packages and the documentation smooth the way when convincing people that Perl is the right tool for the job. I like to step carefully through code when testing and the Dev Kit debugger makes that quite easy.

-Gerry Quinlan, Perl Developer

Work bought me the PDK. All I can say is wow, is that cool or what. It allows me take perl scripts I design to make administration tasks easier and turn them into executables for use elsewhere without installing perl on the target computer. I can make system tray applications, system services, and standalone executables. I am going to have a lot of fun with this.

-Marzhill Musings, (Blog Posting)

Tcl Dev Kit

The quality of ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit really shows. It has a really intuitive user interface.

-Joe Mistachkin, Principal Software Engineer, TclBridge

Tcl Dev Kit is designed for professionals who care about quality. We specialize in developing cross-platform applications, many of which are written in Tcl. TDK simplifies the process at every stage. From creation to delivery, using TDK ensures our customers get high-quality applications that are painless to deploy.

-Steve Landers, Senior Consultant, Digital Smarties

Komodo IDE

Multilingual ActiveState Komodo 5 conquers Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby projects with strong debug facilities, excellent code control, and an unbeatable set of utilities.


Komodo IDE 5 from ActiveState is the most comprehensive code editor and debugger available for enterprise teams that develop applications using a range of dynamic languages.

-James R. Borck, InfoWorld

The increase in productivity I got from the interactive debugging environment in Komodo IDE probably saved me more than the purchase price within 48 hours. This is a quality product.

-Graeme Robinson, Memex Inc.

Komodo has changed my life.

-Mark Dale, GeniusMoon

I just finished up my first major project using Komodo and I cannot believe did not use it earlier! After using Zend Studio and Eclipse to develop LAMP applications, Komodo is hands down the best cross platform development IDE.

-Derek Ellis

I'm a long time user of the Komodo IDE from ActiveState, and it kindly shows you the comment immediately preceding a function you type, in a tooltip as you provide parameters. Being able to see what parameters your method is expecting, what it returns, and any gotchas about using it without opening the file containing the class, saves a lot of time during development. Those kinds of comments I consider to be required.

-John Locke,

Komodo is intuitive, responsive, and full featured. In the 20 years that I've been developing software, this is one of the best IDEs I've ever used.

-Bryan Aamot, Brainware

Suffice to say with Komodo I got local and remote debugging up and running within just a couple hours, and it's been a total dream to use.

-Caleb Gilbert,

I've been a Komodo customer for almost five years, and couldn't imagine using another editor for my work with dynamic languages. Komodo IDE syntax highlights and auto-completes my Perl, Ruby, XML, SQL, HTML and CSS, allowing my team to write better code more quickly than we ever have. Version 4.1 added Ruby on Rails support that went beyond my expectations, including the ability to create databases directly from the YAML file. With the addition of soft characters and automatic updates in version 4.2, things are only getting better.

-Chris Gerber, Pfizer Global Manufacturing

I'd rather use Komodo than other IDEs. Komodo is easier to use and easier to configure and works the way I want it. Python support is great.

-Greg Moore

So you're a Web application developer? Developing in Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby or JavaScript? Are you a Linux, Mac or Windows user? No matter what your choices are, the answer is ActiveState's Komodo IDE 4.0, an impressive cross-platform and cross-language environment for building Web applications. And oh yeah, it's a really great tool that makes working in all these languages a breeze.


We started using Komodo for our hundreds of thousands of Perl code lines. We love the fact that with Komodo IDE 4.1 we can also use it for Ruby.

-Bal√°zs Nagy, Chief Architect, TheNewPush, LLC

If you're in need of an IDE that can flexibly bridge multiple languages, support distributed teams with ease, and ultimately improve code quality and streamline development cycles, you'll want to take a close look at Komodo 5. An extremely flexible licensing scheme, allowing developers to run Komodo concurrently on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) from a single license, only sweetens the deal.


If you work in any of the languages Komodo supports, you owe it to yourself to examine it (for free). If you work in any two of them, you probably should just buy it.

-Andrew Binstock, Binstock on Software

We use Komodo IDE and the Perl Dev Kit to build our internal systems. They save us an amazing amount of time and effort.

-Jonathan Eunice, Founder and Principal IT Advisor Illuminata

Komodo IDE 4.0 is the Swiss army knife of scripting languages and web development. With the addition of integrated JavaScript debugging, HTML/XML/CSS auto-completion, an integrated HTTP protocol inspector, an integrated DOM inspector, and a handful of other nifty tools, it's quite possibly the coolest thing to happen to scripting languages since, well, ever.

-Issac Goldstand, Founder Mirimar Networks

Kudos for adding XML catalogs to Komodo 4.0. I am really impressed!

-Bryan Rieger, Yiibu

I really dig Komodo's toolbox; it's the coolest thing. It's great to have an editor that you can just extend like that, and share your extensions with the team - quickly, without having to write full-on plugins.

-Jerrett Taylor, Director of Software Development, Bravenet Web Services

I am a Mac addict, and on Mac OS X, I code with Komodo. I love Komodo's clean, integrated UI, the compact and usable project navigation bar, the ability to see code structure, and support for CVS and Subversion, and I was able to create a macro five minutes after installation! I am delighted with the capabilities. Komodo is the best IDE for scripting languages.

-Irakli Nadareishvili, Senior Software Architect, Picktek

Komodo doesn't just act as an IDE for Python but is also a very accomplished Perl, PHP, and Tcl IDE providing all the standard features like code highlighting and folding along with code completion. The Rx Toolkit is so advanced it could quite easily be a mini standalone app as it provides not only matching of text and highlighting but also shows the data that would appear in the various group matches.

-Doug Bromley, Straw Dogs

I use Perl constantly, and have to say that not only is Komodo the best editor I have ever used for Perl scripts, it's the best editor I've used for any language.

-Dr. Ed Chester, Flight Operations Specialist, National Space Centre, UK

Komodo is a world-class IDE. It makes software engineers out of hackers.

-Robert M. Craver II, Software Engineer, NOAA's National Ocean Service

Komodo has saved us a lot of time with its interactive debugging feature for Perl.

-Gene Daniel, Savannah River National Laboratory, WSRC

Komodo is a great product. My favourite feature is the regex generator/tester. It's saved me heaps of time and aggravation when coming up with complicated regular expressions to get through weblogs and the like.

-Ben Maddock, Web Administrator (UniSAnet), Flexible Learning Centre, University of South Australia

Komodo has been a lifesaver. I've never been a big IDE user but now I understand why a good IDE and a debugger are so important.

-John E. Vincent, Network Administrator

Great product, excellent service turnaround times. Komodo is my new IDE of choice!

-Tyler Bye, Senior Software Engineer and Fellow, Protoven

I love Komodo. I spend about seven hours a day on it, and I think it's great. I use it for Perl, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, Python, PHP, C/C++, SQL and Java. I even use it just to write plaintext files.

-Dave Rankin, President, Surf This! Web Design, Inc

I love Komodo! I have been using it for over two years, and upgrade every time a new version is available. Komodo has always been very useful for me, but I also appreciate the new features and enhancements. Thanks.

-Michael Green

I appreciate your realistic licensing—I paid for my own copy and I use it at home on my Linux desktop, on my laptop, and here at my day job. I just used Komodo to build the application installer for our Windows-based app and am building the data installer for it now. Komodo is one of the two pieces of software I willingly pay money for and recommend to colleagues.

-Brian Wilson, Alsea Geospatial, Inc.

As a passionate PHP developer, and having used competitor products extensively, I appreciate Komodo IDE every day. The improvement it and its add-ons have made to my productivity literally paid for the license cost in the first month.

-Marc Gray,

After much frustration with other Python IDEs, I downloaded and tried the 21 day trial of Komodo IDE. What a difference!  I will be buying Komodo. Komodo is faster, has a much better interface, and is far more intuitive than the alternatives.

-Dave Mishler,

Komodo Edit

I just want to say how fabulous this product is - every time I think of something I need it has it... Good stuff!

-Lee Cave-Berry

It's absolutely fantastic to work with. It does everything a good editor should do, but it also adds a bunch of other little awesome things.

-Dan Hulton,

Support and Services

ActiveState's communication, response times and customer support are outstanding compared to other companies. Thanks a lot for the good work.

-Lorenz Pelzer, Siemens

Thank you for the service you have provided.

-Sandra Meiers Business Analyst, HP


I was impressed with the first preview of Stackato. I had a Mojolicious app running on a private cloud within 5 minutes! It took longer to figure out how to install the competitor's client than to setup a whole Stackato private cloud.

-Sebastien Riedel, creator of Catalyst and Mojolicious Perl web frameworks.

Stackato is really cool and we plan on moving our production stack onto a Private PaaS within the next 2 months or so. With Stackato as our cloud platform, our developers and administrators can focus on building applications, not configuring machines or middleware. Stackato will help us get our web applications up and running very quickly.

-Mike Frager, Software Developer, Dial Your Leads.

After trying Stackato Developer Preview, we already like it very much and can't see any show stoppers.

-Denis Banovic, CTO,

ActiveState has taken a leading role in delivering innovative capabilities for Python and Perl developers on top of VMware’s Cloud Foundry platform. Openness, ease of use, and flexibility are important to enterprises deploying apps in the cloud. ActiveState’s Stackato is a great option for enterprises that, for security and other reasons, want the flexibility to create a private cloud or private PaaS environment.

-Christopher Keene, VP Cloud Computing Ecosystem, VMware

"I was pleasantly surprised at having an application up and running on Stackato in 10 minutes. The process was simple and the deployment process was straightforward. Stackato took all the pain, guesswork and complications out around network security, port assignment and port openings. Stackato's best feature is its ability to bundle and deploy everything seamlessly."

- Hannington Musinguzi, Founder, W&K Systems

Stackato’s ability to support any technology platform, its ease of deployment and support for private cloud PaaS environments gives it a clear leadership position in the increasingly crowded PaaS space. Competitors include Red Hat’s OpenShift, CloudBees and Cloud Foundry, though few vendors match its combination of flexibility and ability to deploy private cloud PaaS environments.

Arnal Dayaratna, Cloud Computing Today

-Cloud Computing Today