Create on any platform, deploy to any platform:

PerlApp makes it easy to bundle source code and modules into executables for distribution. And now, with cross-platform wrapping, you can develop executables in one environment and deploy to any platform. PerlApp includes application builders for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and AIX.

Enhancements and goodies:

PDK includes a comprehensive feature set for Perl developers, including PerlApp, PerlCtrl, PerlMSI, PerlNET, PerlSvc, PerlTray, Coverage Analyzer, Filter Builder, Graphical Debugger, PerlCritic and VBScript Converter.

Latest Release: PDK 9.1!

New to PDK 9:

  • Support for Perl and ActivePerl 5.12 and 5.14
  • Ability to cross-wrap to HP-UX*
  • Support for 64-bit PerlNET

Added features in previous PDK 8 releases:

  • The new --env options provides easy customization to generated executables by setting environment variables to things like API keys, serial numbers, expiration dates etc.
  • PerlSvc now provides commandline arguments to services that are not running under an administrator account.
  • PerlApp --dyndll option fixed for code to run on Windows 2000
  • PerlApp --target option now works with ActivePerl 826 and 1006
  • PerlApp GUI saves values of --manifest option in project file
  • --manifest option also supported by PerlCtrl/PerlNET/PerlSvc/PerlTray
  • PerlCritic and Cross-Platform Wrapping
  • Enhancements to PerlApp, including cross-platform wrapping for any-platform deployment.
  • PerlCritic added, allowing end users to run policies against source code to ensure coding standards (best practice, industry, or personally configured) are followed

Every release of Perl Dev Kit includes bug fixes as well as other minor improvements. Read the documentation in the PDK User Guide to find out more.

Get the details on all the improvements to Perl Dev Kit in the release history.

Upgrade Paths

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* Cross-wrapping to HP-UX, Solaris and AIX requires a Business Edition, Enterprise Edition or OEM License. Compare Editions.