ActiveState Pro Studio is everything a Perl or Tcl programmer needs in one convenient package. It includes permanent licenses of Komodo IDE and Perl or Tcl Dev Kit, plus an annual subscription to all version upgrades, email technical support and Safari Books Online.

 Komodo IDEPerl/Tcl Dev KitPro Studio
Essential tools for Perl or Tcl 
Award-winning IDE 
Multi-platform, user-based licenses
Safari Books online Subscription  
Standard Base Price for Upgrades$168$168Free!
Standard Base Price to Purchase$295$295$595

You can buy Komodo IDE and PDK/TDK separately for $590, but without upgrades, support, or access to Safari Books Online...

Or for $5 more you can buy Pro Studio and enjoy all upgrades and updates for both Komodo and PDK/TDK, technical support, and access to 10,000+ books on Safari Books Online!

If you were to purchase Komodo IDE and PDK/TDK separately with Upgrades and Support (no access to Safari), you'd spend $764. Pro Studio is the logical choice for your Perl development needs--and wallet.

ActivePerl Pro Studio
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GSA Advantage

US Government purchaser? If you are a US Government purchaser (federal or local/state agency), please note that ActiveState is a GSA Contract Holder (GSA #GS-35F-0097X). You can search for our products on the GSA Advantage site for GSA pricing, or contact us for a quote here or at 1.866.631.4581.

Komodo IDE

ActiveState's Komodo IDE is the professional IDE for Python, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Perl, web development, and more! With multi-language features, sharing and productivity tools, friendly multi-platform and user-based permanent licensing, an open source foundation, excellent technical support, an active user community, and ease of customization and extensibility, Komodo IDE is designed for small and diverse developer teams.

PDK & Komodo IDE Integration

Learn more about Komodo IDE.

Perl Dev Kit / Tcl Dev Kit

Turn your Perl programs into ready-to-run executables for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris*, and AIX*. Generate executables for non-native platforms. Run a set of coding policies against your source code to ensure your code conforms. Painlessly debug Perl scripts. Generate code for sophisticated filters, or convert useful VBScript code to Perl. Plus create .NET and ActiveX components, Windows services and system tray applications, all written in Perl.

Learn more about Perl Dev Kit.

Based on TclPro, Tcl Dev Kit provides essential tools for Tcl programmers, making it easy to create, build and deploy applications. Rapidly deploy Tcl applications to a broad range of platforms, as ready-to-run executables, starkits or starpacks. Simplify development with tools for finding and fixing bugs, managing complex code bases, and optimizing your programs. Take control and work the way you want with a choice of GUIs or command line interfaces for most tools.

Learn more about Tcl Dev Kit.

Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online is the premier electronic reference library for programming and IT professionals. Safari provides access to the electronic versions of over 3700 technical books from leading publishers.

With Safari access, ActivePerl Pro Studio members can search the entire Safari library in a matter of seconds to pinpoint precisely the piece of information or code fragment they need. Users can even filter searches to include "code fragments only." Plus, users can browse books on the go with the Safari To Go iPad app.

Learn more about Safari Books Online.

Note: ActivePerl and ActiveTcl

Please note that technical support for the ActivePerl and ActiveTcl language distributions are NOT provided with the Pro Studio bundle. Technical support for these language distributions is available through Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Compare Editions to determine the right subscription level for your project.


Pro Studio is offered by annual subscription. Your easy-to-budget subscription bundle includes permanent software licenses for the latest release of Komodo IDE and Perl or Tcl Dev Kit, all updates and upgrades, access to email technical support, and access to Safari Books Online.

Pro Studio is $595 (includes your first year subscription). Annual subscription costs are $222 US.

For teams, pick up a Pro Studio 5-pack and save:
$595 x 5 licenses = $2975

Please email for a custom quote if you require 30 or more subscriptions.

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*Cross-platform wrapping for Solaris or AIX may require a Business Edition license.

ActivePerl Pro Studio
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"I am really enjoying my subscription! The reasonable subscription prices help a lot of professionals like me grab all the knowledge that is out there and make us more productive to the organizations we serve!"— Lance Quadros, Manager , Databases and UNIX Systems. Read more testimonials.