Tcl is a powerful programming language that is extensible, embeddable, simple and consistent. It can be easily applied to different applications. Our Tcl training sessions are taught by instructors who truly enjoy working with Tcl, and are able to provide examples and supplemental information customized to your specific needs.

One of the main teaching goals of our programs is efficiency. Whether you are using Tcl on its own, interfacing with other languages or using extensions, your team will gain the knowledge to work more efficiently, and thus produce code that is more efficient.

Typical training programs:

  • Run 2-4 days, depending on program intensity
  • Are delivered on-site at your place of business
  • Range from beginner to advanced
  • Combine lectures and hands-on exercises
  • Provide ActiveState developer tools, language distributions and package managers for use during sessions

Participants will receive certificates of achievement to signify their completion of the Tcl training program.

Our Expertise

If you are looking for world class training, you will find it with us. Our team of Tcl engineers and trainers are recognized as the best in the world and leaders in the Tcl community.

Our trainers each have over 25 years of programming experience. Credentials include curriculum advising and lecturing at numerous universities, regular contributions for ;login: magazine and authorship of essential works such as “Tcl/Tk: A Developer’s Guide”.

Here is a general overview of our program content:


This level provides an overview of Tcl in a context that suits your requirements, whether your applications are for web, network, business, database or testing. Generally, the sessions will provide the basic tools for writing useful programs, debugging code and interacting with the file system.

Prior knowledge of Tcl is not required. However, participants are expected to already know how to program in another programming language.

Topics may include:

  • Basic syntax, rules and commands
  • Tcl as a wrapper for other programs
  • Embedded Tcl functions and file access
  • String manipulation with Tcl/Tk
  • File, pipe and socket I/O

Intermediate – Advanced

Designed for Tcl programmers with several months of experience, this level provides more focused material.

Topics may include:

  • Advanced Tcl/Tk – dicts and ensembles
  • Tcl introspection
  • Modularization – source, package and namespaces
  • Advanced regular expressions
  • Relational databases with Sybase, OraTcl or TclODBC
  • Procedure control with Expect or DDE
  • Web programming with Apache and Tcl

We also offer specialized topics, such as Tcl-00, Incr Tcl, CGI scripting, XML and more. If you are interested in these or other topics not listed, please let us know.


Cost is based on content and group size.

For more information or to request a quote regarding your training needs, please fill out our form.