Millions of developers trust Tcl for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs, testing and more. It runs in numerous Cisco routers and in various network management tools. Because Tcl is an open source programming language, it can help cut up-front project costs. 

But Tcl alone may not help you meet your business goals.

Like most open source projects, Tcl isn't quality-assured or commercially supported. So it may not be safe for essential business applications. Don't let Tcl fail your internal systems and cost your business in lost revenue.

Cisco, Ixia, and Agilent are just a few of the companies that trust ActiveState for development, management and distribution solutions for fail-safe Tcl. 

Faster, Easier Tcl Development

Komodo IDE: Faster, Easier Tcl Development

Komodo IDE is ActiveState’s award-winning, professional development environment for Tcl and other dynamic and web languages and frameworks. Komodo helps Tcl developers write code faster and more accurately, with multi-language syntax checking and highlighting, graphical debugging, code intelligence, version control, code profiling and unit testing, as well as code collaboration for team development. Fully extensible and customizable Komodo includes auto-complete, calltips, snippets, macros and other productivity-enhancing features for Tcl developers, and since Komodo is a powerful IDE for several languages, if you find yourself changing languages, you don’t need to change your IDE.

Tcl Dev Kit: Essential Tools for Tcl Programming

Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) is the defacto Tcl programming tool, providing essential tools for building and deploying Tcl applications. TDK is made up of essential tools that make it easier for your team to create, build and deploy Tcl applications on a variety of platforms*, as ready-to-run executables, starkits or starpacks. Simplify development with tools for finding and fixing bugs, managing complex code bases, and optimizing your programs. Understand complex code at a glance with a visual guide to component relationships and kill bugs faster with a cross-platform graphical debugger.

ActiveTcl Pro Studio: Komodo, TDK, Safari Books Subscription

ActiveTcl Pro Studio includes licenses for TDK and Komodo IDE, a subscription to Safari Books Online, plus all upgrades for one year in a single value-priced bundle.

World's Best Tcl Distribution 

ActiveTcl is the industry-standard, commercial-grade Tcl distribution used by millions of developers around the world for fast, easy Tcl installation, and quality-assured code. Whether you're using Tcl for vital applications or in open source projects, ActiveTcl offers worry-free implementation and significant time savings over open source Tcl for installing and managing common Tcl modules. ActiveTcl comes precompiled for out-of-the-box installation and includes not only core Tcl and Tk, but dozens of popular extensions, the Tcl Package Manager (Teapot), and complete documentation.

Fail-Safe ActiveTcl for Business and Mission-Critical Applications

With ActiveState's commercial-grade ActiveTcl, you no longer need to depend on overworked internal resources or unpredictable public Tcl communities for help:

ActiveTcl Enterprise is designed for businesses with large Tcl deployments in essential, mission-critical applications that, when down, could cost your business in lost revenue and damaged reputation. Deploy Tcl with confidence knowing you're using the most secure, enterprise-grade builds across platforms. You'll get priority access to core Tcl experts for technical support and best practices guidance that will save your team hours of time. Plus, guaranteed Intellectual Property (IP) indemnification to reduce risk in today's business environment.

ActiveTcl Business Edition is an affordable solution for small and mid-sized organizations that need fail-safe Tcl for business applications, but don't require advanced features like indemnification. Business Edition customers trust ActiveState's guaranteed technical support and regular fixes and updates to ensure they're using the most secure, high-performance Tcl.

Turn-Key Tcl Redistribution Rights 

ActiveTcl OEM Edition enables you to include ActiveTcl in your distributed application to provide customers with a seamless experience. ActiveTcl OEM takes the complexity out of open source licensing by guaranteeing assurance and eliminating legal risk that goes along with distributing Tcl in commercial applications.

Community-Friendly Tcl

ActiveTcl Community Edition is a free, ready-to-install Tcl distribution for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It's ideal for community developers or open source projects that are not business or mission-critical. It does not include access to builds for HP-UX, Solaris, or AIX (only available in higher editions). Support for ActiveTcl Community Edition is only offered through the community and forums.

Expert Training and Consulting for Tcl

Get the maximum benefit from your ActiveState solutions by providing your developers with expert training in Tcl. Our customized training programs for Tcl increase productivity and assist in professional development. Trust ActiveState experts to make sure your projects are delivered on time, on budget with Tcl consulting services such as best practices in coding, high-level application design and customized builds.