There's an element of risk that goes along with using open source software in mission-critical applications. If you're a bank whose transaction processing system runs a Tcl script that stops working, then you risk a complete business breakdown and furious customers.

Dynamic languages are an excellent solution for fast time-to-market for enterprise applications. But don’t let their open source nature become the point of failure that costs you operational uptime, lost revenue or a damaged reputation.

ActiveTcl Enterprise Edition makes Tcl risk-free. It guarantees priority access to technical support, indemnification, expert consulting and quality-assured language builds. With ActiveState, you'll enjoy all the advantages of open source without extending development time or legal risk.

Ensure Maximum Uptime

Deploy mission-critical applications with confidence knowing your ActiveTcl Enterprise distribution is fully tested and quality-assured by core Tcl developers. We continually test new modules for security, stability and quality and deliver updates for your applications. When application uptime can make the difference between business success and a catastrophe, make sure you’re using the world’s highest quality language distributions, no matter what platform you're running.

Get Products to Market Quickly

Feeling the pressure to meet development deadlines? Eliminate roadblocks with on-demand technical support from ActiveState experts. From troubleshooting to emergency in-production coverage, Enterprise Edition guarantees priority access to Tcl experts to ensure core applications are efficient, powerful and reliable. You'll benefit from best practices advice on module usage, expert how-to guidance on database connectivity and customized installations and fast troubleshooting of code problems or leaks to ensure maximum application performance. Let us support your team with unlimited incidents, priority access, fast response times and fixes quickly delivered precisely when you need them.

Keep Intellectual Property Safe

Don’t expose private development issues in public community forums. Resolve problems quickly with a private, technical specialist at ActiveState to ensure that your business or operation runs without interruption.

Mitigate Legal Risk

Embedding Tcl in your products can leave your organization vulnerable to costly and embarrassing legal action. Protect your organization from legal risk with ActiveState's indemnification coverage. Enjoy assurance and peace of mind knowing our indemnification coverage guarantees that your organization and intellectual property are safe.  

Comply with Open Source Support Requirements

Given the low cost of acquiring open source components, more organizations are using dynamic languages in enterprise applications. As such, some government agencies, financial institutions and large enterprises are making commercially supported open source mandatory. Enterprise Editions provide enterprise-grade support so that you can deploy with confidence, knowing that you're complying with company and industry open source policies.

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