Innovative companies worldwide trust ActiveState to improve development productivity, get products to market faster and ensure compliance with Stackato - The Platform for the Agile Enterprise, and language distributions for Perl, Python, and Tcl.

Stackato by ActiveState


Industry: IT Services

"Stackato enables us to focus on development instead of having to manage our own servers and infrastructure. With Stackato, we are able to frequently deploy updates to tens of applications at a time, run our own software on the cloud infrastructure of our choice, and easily exceed our service level guarantee with 99.999% availability."

"It feels a little bit backwards to build these technology stacks around Docker when Stackato already does it for you. ActiveState uses Docker within the Stackato product, so it felt like a good future-proof solution."

- Kai Virkki, Chief Architect, Service-Flow


Industry: Web Operations

"We were looking for a way to scale out our environments without having to add more people...It made sense for us to go with Stackato because it is based on Cloud Foundry...We were happy with the concepts and general implementation of Cloud Foundry, but we were not happy to spend a lot of time filling in gaps on things that didn’t quite work right, and that we had to maintain, manage, and support. ActiveState has productized that in a way that we are happy with. When we have issues with Stackato, there are people to talk to. The support is definitely a big factor."

- Chris Turra, Web Operations Engineer, Mozilla Web Operations



ActivePerl, ActivePython, ActiveTcl


CA uses ActivePerl

"Not only is it reliable, scalable and enterprise-ready, ActivePerl saves CA development time and dollars."

— Lawrence Backman, Vice President, Computer Associates

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        Alterpoint uses ActivePerl     Ixia uses ActiveTcl, ActivePerl, ActivePython      JDA Software uses ActivePerl
Finisar uses ActivePerl      Numara uses ActivePerl   Technology Pathways uses ActivePerl     Rev2Networks uses ActivePerl
    VMWare uses ActivePerl      Toolbox uses ActiveTclDiebold uses ActivePerl     Funnelback uses ActivePerl
     Vodafone       Plixer uses ActivePerl
BondDesk uses ActivePerl

Financial Services

Bank of America uses ActivePerl     BNP Paribas uses ActivePerl     Tesco Bank uses ActivePerlStandard Chartered Bank uses ActivePerl      Research Affiliates

Aerospace and Defense

Boeing uses ActivePerl     Lockheed Martin uses ActivePerl       Northrop Grumman uses ActivePerlGE Aviation uses ActivePerlCAE uses ActivePerlNASA uses ActiveTcl             Rockwell Collins uses ActiveTcl         L-3 uses ActivePerl    US Army uses ActivePerl

 Healthcare and Life Sciences

Cardinal Health      Daiichi Sankyo   HealthNow New York