Dynamic Languages Customers

Global customers trust ActiveState's commercially supported Perl, Python and Tcl distributions to develop, distribute, and manage their software applications.

Perl, Python and Tcl Case Studies

"When we decided to use an enterprise distribution of Perl, we didn't look at anyone except ActiveState. ActivePerl is the recommended distribution for anyone using a modern version of Windows."

- Martin Dessureault, Senior Development Manager, AlterPoint

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"Not only is it reliable, scalable and enterprise-ready, ActivePerl saves CA development time and dollars."

- Lawrence Backman, Vice President, Computer Associates

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"On a Windows system, ActivePerl is the most well known and widely used distribution. There's a high degree of confidence in ActivePerl."

- Scott Baxter, Director of Software Development, Finisar

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"ActiveState has provided us with virtually all of our Perl development needs. We know they are the leaders in the industry. ActivePerl continues to provide us with everything we need to deliver quality products to our customers. We're a very happy ActiveState customer."

- Marc Bilodeau, CTO, Plixer International, Inc.

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"Marrying open source into a virtual appliance model so that it becomes an embedded component makes a huge amount of sense to me."

- Lou Steinberg, CEO, Rev2 Networks

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