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Stackato Customer Highlights


Industry: Financial Services


Capital One Labs builds the next generation of financial products, while partnering with other Capital One teams to tackle their biggest challenges. The Lab moves at the speed of a startup while maintaining the scrutiny necessary in a heavily regulated industry.

Results with Stackato:

  • Avoided long lead times, reducing projected development cycles from months to weeks
  • Extended development from Java-only to over 10 languages/stacks
  • Fast prototyping of Minimum Viable Products (MVP's)
  • Structured transition of innovation lab projects and infrastructure to mainstream organization

"We adopted PaaS as an earlier Lab Developer enabler and it is generally used for just about every Lab project initially. By using Stackato we were able to avoid long lead times and standardized hosting patterns before developers could get to work. Beyond that, we extended the PaaS to production (hardened and architected to the company's more important standards) to allow the Lab to quickly send products into full blown production."

- Jason Valentino, Director, Systems Operations, Capital One Digital Engineering


Industry: Software (IT Services)


Continuously deploy microservices-based applications while retaining control of underlying infrastructure. Previously used CloudBees hosted PaaS, but did not have direct access to servers.

Results with Stackato:

  • 400% faster deployment cycles
  • Easy app migration to Amazon Web Services
  • 99.999% availability
  • Over 60 customer-facing applications live

"Without a PaaS, it would take us at least a month to develop the number of updates that we currently deploy in one week. With Stackato, we usually deploy tens of applications at a time and deploy updates every day, even many times per day...Stackato makes it really easy to manage a large amount of software."

- Kai Virkki, Chief Architect, Service-Flow


Industry: Software (Open Source Software)


Scale out environments for multiple web properties without having to add more people. Previously, WebOps helped developers for each code push, causing potential delays. Used other tools such as Chef, but needed more automation.

Results with Stackato:

  • WebOps no longer barrier to developers
  • Devs can focus on writing code, self-serve deployment of apps

"It made sense for us to go with Stackato because it is based on Cloud Foundry...We were happy with the concepts and general implementation of Cloud Foundry, but we were not happy to spend a lot of time filling in gaps on things that didn’t quite work right, and that we had to maintain, manage, and support. ActiveState has productized that in a way that we are happy with...The support is definitely a big factor."

- Chris Turra, Web Operations Engineer, Mozilla Web Operations


Industry: IT/Networking


Incubation teams too agile. IT not able to keep up with pace of development, forcing developers to "go rogue" and turn to public cloud. IT decided to seek PaaS solution with commercial support, documentation and easy setup.

Results with Stackato:

  • 500% improvement in software deployments
  • 40 times faster application prototyping (8 weeks reduced to 1 day)
  • Use cases: Java mobile app with over 25,000 users; Internal HR app with 300,000 requests per day

"[Deploying with Stackato] is at least five times faster. Not having to set up more infrastructure to support somebody's new application is huge...With Stackato, we maximize 'Joyful Dev' by automating as much of the 'Frustrating Ops' away as possible."

- Development Engineer, Wireless Component Company


Industry: Telecommunications

"By implementing Stackato for our Cloud Foundry deployments, the team is able to focus on other critical infrastructure and application development priorities. Stackato has proven to be stable and the support we’ve received from the ActiveState team has been terrific."

- Bob Wise, Chief Innovation Officer, MTN Communications


Industry: IT/Networking (Digital Security, SIM Cards)

"We made the immediate choice for Cloud Foundry, but we realized that without having enough internal resources, we would have trouble deploying it to a serious degree. We wanted a version that was supported and also easy to install, so we decided on Stackato. The problem we had with other PaaS solutions was that if we wanted to deploy applications to a client, they probably wouldn't have a PaaS available, and would have different underlying infrastructure...probably a VMware, KVM or OpenStack environment. We needed a solution that could easily abstract the complexity of the deployment target, and Stackato answers this need."

- Jean Marc Lambert, Cloud Computing Innovation & Strategy, Gemalto (Cloud Foundry/Stackato Paris PaaS Meetup 2015)

Dynamic Languages Customers

Global customers trust ActiveState's commercially supported Perl, Python and Tcl distributions to develop, distribute, and manage their software applications.

Perl, Python and Tcl Case Studies

"When we decided to use an enterprise distribution of Perl, we didn't look at anyone except ActiveState. ActivePerl is the recommended distribution for anyone using a modern version of Windows."

- Martin Dessureault, Senior Development Manager, AlterPoint

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"Not only is it reliable, scalable and enterprise-ready, ActivePerl saves CA development time and dollars."

- Lawrence Backman, Vice President, Computer Associates

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"On a Windows system, ActivePerl is the most well known and widely used distribution. There's a high degree of confidence in ActivePerl."

- Scott Baxter, Director of Software Development, Finisar

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"ActiveState has provided us with virtually all of our Perl development needs. We know they are the leaders in the industry. ActivePerl continues to provide us with everything we need to deliver quality products to our customers. We're a very happy ActiveState customer."

- Marc Bilodeau, CTO, Plixer International, Inc.

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"Marrying open source into a virtual appliance model so that it becomes an embedded component makes a huge amount of sense to me."

- Lou Steinberg, CEO, Rev2 Networks

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