Open source languages are free to use, but over time become increasingly complex, risky, and costly to maintain.

With the ActiveState Platform, developers can create applications faster by focusing on writing code, not managing runtimes.

  • Automatically create and package Python, Perl or Tcl runtimes for major OSs with a single toolchain
  • Eliminate dependency hell and “works on my machine” issues
  • Simplify environment reproduction across dev, test and production
  • Download Python, Tcl and Perl distributions for Windows, Linux and macOS – precompiled with popular packages
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With our commercial support, enterprises can secure their open source supply chain while reducing costs and meeting compliance requirements.

  • SLA-backed support for your mission critical applications
  • Extended support for EOL versions of Python and Perl
  • Security profiling and risk management
  • Decreased Mean Time to Resolution for vulnerabilities
  • Custom build engineering
  • Commercial Python, Perl and Tcl distributions
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Trusted by Developers, Proven for the Enterprise

For 20 years, ActiveState has been making open source easier.

Millions of developers in 1000s of companies trust our tooling.

97% of the Fortune 1000 companies have adopted our Python, Perl and Tcl solutions.

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Get Your Applications to Market Faster

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to ship more features faster. But updating open source language runtimes to pass security and compliance checkpoints can be a serious drag on developer productivity.

Schedule a demo to learn how the ActiveState Platform can help streamline application delivery.  Or contact Sales and tell us more about your needs.

Create a runtime environment for your project… in minutes!

This 5-minute video demonstrates how you can build a ‘Trading Bot Runtime Environment’ from source with just a few clicks, using the ActiveState Platform.

The methodology can be applied to any runtime, for any project. Try it out yourself. It’s free for developer use!

Wondering if ActiveState can support your organization’s unique open source needs?

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