Parallels Case Study – ActivePython, ActivePerl

By packaging ActivePython and ActivePerl with Plesk Panel, Parallels enabled a seamless installation process for customers when installing Perl and Python apps on web servers.

Rockwell Collins Case Study – ActiveTcl

ActiveTcl ensures MaxView is faster to develop, easy to customize, and stable. And with those bases covered, Rockwell Collins can provide a high-quality product that consistently meets its customers’ needs.

Gamma Technologies Case Study – ActivePerl

An Innovation Leader Gamma Technologies develops GT-SUITE, the leading CAE system simulation software. It provides a comprehensive set of component...

Picis Case Study – ActivePerl

With its vast scripting capabilities, suitability for manipulating large amounts of data, ability to deftly manage database applications, and custom capabilities ActivePerl is well suited to maintain and manage the Picis PulseCheck Clinical Solutions suite of products.

DataPath Case Study – ActiveTcl

DataPath (formerly Rockwell Collins) communication and aviation electronic solutions are in use on all seven continents. Its MaxView Network Management System provides...

Finisar Corporation Case Study – ActivePerl

When Finisar began developing Xgig, they opted for an enterprise Perl distribution instead of managing Perl in-house. They were convinced that an off-the-shelf distribution...

Alterpoint Case Study – ActivePerl

AlterPoint added ActivePerl into NetworkAuthority, their core network automation platform. Every AlterPoint customer runs ActivePerl as part of the AlterPoint distribution...

CA Technologies

CA Case Study – ActivePerl

In order to assure consistent quality across a broad product matrix, CA built a programmatic API for automated testing using the Perl open source language. Perl was a natural fit for the task...