ActivePython released, fixing the debug bug
by Trent Mick

Trent Mick, July 9, 2010

We just released ActivePython (download it here, release notes here).

One fun change in this build is a fix for the debug bug: a buglet that dates back to 1999 (!) that could potentially have meant any SSL read or write with Python’s OpenSSL bindings would result in a helpful one second sleep(1). Benjamin Peterson succinctly pronounced on the single errant line of code:

Let it die.

Personifying that line of code as Robin’s Minstrels: There was much rejoicing.

Thankfully, as Antoine (on the bug report) and dredge (on Hacker News) pointed out, most OpenSSL builds will not be affected (because of a #ifdef PKT_DEBUG guard). Indeed, ActivePython’s included OpenSSL builds are not affected.

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Trent Mick is one of ActiveState's Python gurus and senior developer. He's a member of the Python Software Foundation and is the author of many popular Python modules. At ActiveState his primary focus is Komodo. Trent has a Bachelor of Engineering and B. Sc. in Computer Science Degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.