ActiveState vs Anaconda: Python for Data Scientists

Data scientists are rarely Python programmers and therefore require easy-to-use tooling. But what they create will need to be put into production by enterprise developers. Delivering both beginner and advanced features in a single Python ecosystem is a requirement that Anaconda struggles with given the shift in their business focus from Anaconda Python to their data science platform.

ActiveState Python provides a drop-in solution for Anaconda Python, delivering all the packages that data scientists require along with an easy-to-use Web GUI, as well as the advanced features that enterprise developers require via our full-featured State Tool command line interface. In other words, ActiveState Python is a single solution that overcomes all of the drawbacks of Anaconda Python at a more advantageous price point.

Discover ActiveState Python:

  • Comprehensive Solution: ActiveState Python provides a seamless drop-in replacement for Anaconda Python.
  • Essential Packages: Access all the packages data scientists need.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Utilize our intuitive Web GUI for ease of use.
  • Advanced Features: Empower enterprise developers with our robust State Tool command line interface.
  • Cost-Effective: Benefit from a single solution that addresses all Anaconda Python’s limitations at a more competitive price.

Download the Whitepaper Now

Learn how ActiveState Python can revolutionize your data science workflows. Download the whitepaper to explore the advantages of choosing ActiveState over Anaconda for your Python needs.

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