The Python EOL Trap: Avoiding Legacy Open Source Risks In Your Software Supply Chain – Thank You

Despite Python 3.7 reaching its End of Life (EOL) in June, 2023, it continues to be the second most downloaded version of Python. With no fixes forthcoming from, security risks are growing as vulnerabilities continue to proliferate. But upgrading to newer versions of Python with each EOL date can be time and resource intensive – resources better spent coding new features.

This webinar covers:

  • The hidden risks of EOL in your software supply chain
  • The current security state of Python 3.7
  • How to minimize the time and effort associated with upgrading EOL versions
  • Solutions for those that can’t upgrade due to a critical dependency, such as those on Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) who are stuck on Apache Spark
  • Lessons learned from ActiveState’s Python 2.7 EOL customers

Learn how to minimize the cost of legacy languages in your organization, and plan ahead for future EOL dates without compromising security or innovation.

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