ActiveState has been the proud founding sponsor of the Python Software Foundation since its founding in 2001.

Millions of developers around the globe use Python's flexibility to build powerful web applications, applications for testing, build control and management, and more. Since Python is an open source programming language, you immediately reduce up-front project costs by leveraging Python in your development. But when using Python to build business applications, developers and managers should consider the risks. Like most open source projects, Python isn't quality assured or commercially supported, so it may not be safe for business or enterprise-ready for mission-critical applications. Don't let Python fail your systems and cost your business downtime or revenue.

Developing with Python

Komodo IDE: Faster, Easier Python Development

Komodo IDE is ActiveState’s award-winning, professional development environment built on Python, for Python and other dynamic and web languages and frameworks. Komodo helps Python developers write code faster and more accurately, with multi-language syntax checking and highlighting, graphical debugging, code intelligence, version control, code profiling and unit testing, as well as code collaboration for team development. Fully extensible and customizable Komodo includes auto-complete, calltips, snippets, macros and other productivity-enhancing features for Python developers, and since Komodo is a powerful IDE for several languages, if you find yourself changing languages, you don’t need to change your IDE.

World's Best Python Distribution

ActivePython is the industry-standard, commercial grade Python distribution used by millions of developers around the world. ActivePython offers hassle-free implementation and significant time savings over open source Python for installing and managing common Python modules. ActivePython comes precompiled for easy out-of-the-box installation and includes core Python, common modules, the Python Package Manager (PyPM), with builds for Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris.

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