In Python programming, accuracy and simplicity are favored over patchwork resourcefulness. In keeping with this philosophy, our Python training programs have a high attention to detail and real-world focus. More than half of the time is devoted to hands-on exercises focused on common problems such as crunching data and writing useful programs, all in line with best practices.

One of the main teaching goals of our Python programs is efficiency. Whether you are using Python for numerical, scripting or general purpose applications, your team will gain the knowledge to work more efficiently, and thus produce code that is more efficient.

Our programs are flexible depending on your specific needs and group size. Typical training programs:

  • Run 2-4 days, depending on program intensity
  • Are delivered on-site at your place of business
  • Range from beginner to advanced
  • Combine lectures and hands-on exercises
  • Provide ActiveState developer tools, language distributions and package managers for use during sessions

Our Expertise

If you are looking for world class training, you will find it with us. Our team of Python engineers and trainers are recognized as the best in the world and leaders in the Python community.

Our trainer credentials include 15 years of Python programming, elected leadership in the Python Software Foundation and authorship of the acclaimed “Python Essential Reference”.

Here is a general overview of our program content:


This comprehensive introduction to Python focuses on practical applications such scripting, data analysis and systems programming. Participants will gain hands-on experience with the programming language, techniques and standard library.

Prior knowledge of Python is not required. However, participants are expected to already know how to program in another programming language.

Topics include:

  • Basic syntax, data types, files, and functions
  • Data processing
  • Modules and libraries
  • Classes and objects
  • Testing, debugging and software development practices

Intermediate – Advanced

Designed for Python programmers, this level looks at subtle aspects of Python code and covers advanced features that can be applied to a wide range of practical programming problems. This level is well suited for programmers building large applications, frameworks and libraries.

Topics include:

  • Idiomatic data handling
  • Testing, logging and debugging
  • Packaging and distributing Python programs
  • Metaprogramming
  • Iterators, Generators and Coroutines
  • Extending Python with C and C++

We also offer specialized topics on using Python for distributed systems, such as socket programming, internet data handling (XML, JSON), web programming and threads. If you are interested in these or other topics not listed, please let us know.


Cost is based on content and group size.

For more information or to request a quote regarding your training needs, please fill out our form.