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ActiveState's developer tools are trusted worldwide for their quality, usability and support for the latest web technologies.

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Komodo IDE
Multi-language IDE for professional developers

Perl Dev Kit (PDK)
Deployment and productivity tools for Perl applications

Tcl Dev Kit (TDK)
Deployment and productivity tools for Tcl applications

Perl Pro Studio | Tcl Pro Studio
Komodo IDE + PDK or TDK + Upgrades & Support + Safari Books

What People Are Saying...

"If you work in any of the languages Komodo supports, you owe it to yourself to examine it. If you work in any two of them, you probably should just buy it."
— Andrew Binstock, Binstock on Software

"I installed PDK this morning. Way cool! The PerlApp function lets me compile a Perl script into a working .exe file. The other thing I notice is the .exe files it creates are a lot smaller. I'm sold, never want to lose this one!"
— Mike Armitage, Systems Engineer, Verizon

"The quality of ActiveState's Tcl Dev Kit really shows. It has a really intuitive user interface."
— Joe Mistachkin, Principal Software Engineer, TclBridge