ActiveState Platform

End-to-End Open Source Supply Chain Security for Every Language

That’s our vision for the ActiveState Platform. Today, you can use it to help secure your Python, Perl and Tcl open source supply chains.

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Securely Import, Build, and Consume Code

Is the way you import, build and consume open source code at odds with your organization’s software security and integrity goals?

Without the proper controls in place to ensure the provenance (i.e. origin) of all open source code, as well as verifiable reproducibility for all builds, your applications can be compromised by open source supply chain attacks.

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A turn-key supply chain security solution for Security Professionals

The ActiveState Platform provides an out-of-the-box supply chain security solution that spans the entire import-build-consumption process, including:

  • An open source catalog that contains indemnified Python, Perl and Tcl packages which have been checked to ensure they are well maintained and suitably licensed for commercial use.
  • A secure build service that offers isolated, ephemeral, hermetic and verifiably reproducible builds from Python, Perl and Tcl source code. As a universal, automated build tool, developers no longer need to install potentially compromised binaries.
  • Signed packages (coming soon!) whose checksums are verified at runtime to ensure they haven’t been compromised.
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Universal Package Management Solution For Developers

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  • Unified Tooling – a single tool that automatically builds all packages from source (including linked C libraries), and also simplifies the creation and management of virtual environments and the projects they contain.

See how switching between projects works

  • Environment Reproducibility – shared, consistent Python, Perl and Tcl runtime environments that can be deployed on a given system with a single command. Eliminate “works on my machine” issues.

See how to create a Python runtime from requirements.txt | See how to create a Perl runtime from CPANfile

  • Vulnerability Remediation – identify vulnerable components, upgrade/downgrade them, and automatically rebuild a secure runtime environment, ready to be pulled into your CI/CD pipeline. Resolve vulnerabilities faster.

See how ‘Find & Fix CVEs’ feature works

  • Advanced Dependency Management – automated dependency resolution, as well as simple solutions to dependency conflicts. Eliminate dependency hell.

See how our depependency solver works

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ActiveState Platform DevOps Flow

The ActiveState Platform integrates with your existing development workflow

It supplies prebuilt Python, Perl and Tcl runtimes for your Dev and CI/CD environments, while providing the security your application needs.

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