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Ruby from ActiveState: Easy-To-Manage, Precompiled Ruby

Ruby is beloved by developers for its focus on simplicity and productivity. Ruby on Rails is trusted by companies like Twitter, Bloomberg, and Airbnb and is a popular supported language on hosted cloud platforms.

However, Ruby is notoriously hard to install and manage due to the complexities of gem configuration. ActiveRuby includes the best gems out-of-the-box, with versioning and dependencies handled for you, easing the pain of gem management. Free yourself from “Gem Hell” and quickly build innovative web applications with ActiveRuby.

What’s Included in ActiveRuby

ActiveRuby is precompiled with over 100 of the top community gems so you can focus on productivity.

  • Connect to your big data platforms and databases including MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MySQL
  • Build and deploy web applications and services in the cloud with AWS
  • Create web apps with Rails, Sinatra, Rack, and other frameworks and tools
  • Enhance behavior-driven development (BDD) with Cucumber
  • Generate web documents quickly with markup processing tools
  • Enable and secure apps with OpenSSL and other crucial enterprise gems

See the Ruby gems included in ActiveRuby.

ActiveRuby for Business and Enterprise – Coming Soon

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Get the benefits of open source Ruby along with the commercial support and services your organization requires. When you’re ready to use Ruby beyond development, Business and Enterprise Edition provide the following benefits:

 Reduce Legal Risk

Comply with your organization’s open source use policies. ActiveRuby includes a full license review of included gems for security and open source license compliance. Legal indemnification is also available to protect your organization from potential copyright or patent infringement risk.

  Ensure Security

No need to worry about developers on your team downloading unvetted gems. ActiveRuby provides the latest secure versions of gems and delivers timely security updates for critical issues.

  Commercial Support

Don’t wait for answers or expose your valuable intellectual property on public forums. Get faster, more reliable responses to your technical issues via phone or email from the Ruby experts at ActiveState.

  Older Versions and Cross-Platform Support

Ensure consistency across your operating systems from desktop to production, on-premise or in the cloud. ActiveRuby Beta supports Windows out of the box. Customized builds and older versions of Ruby will be an option with the full release.

Start Developing with Ruby from ActiveState – ActiveRuby

ActiveRuby Community Edition (Beta) is free to use in development and internal testing. What are you waiting for? Install Ruby from ActiveState on Windows with the most popular gems and get started today.

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Start developing for free on Windows

97% of Fortune 1000 Companies Rely On ActiveState

ActiveState’s enterprise offering includes extensive customization, premium support, and regularly scheduled builds, licensed for production use and redistribution.

Reduce Security Risks
Ensure security with the latest secure versions of Tcl modules, latest secure versions of Python and Perl packages and timely updates for critical issues.

Indemnification and License Compliance
Comply with your organization’s open source policies against GPL and GNU licensing, and reduce risk with legal indemnification.

Commercial Support & Maintenance
Keep your IP out of public forums and get faster, more reliable help with guaranteed response times and Service-Level Agreements

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Enforce Code Consistency
Maintain consistency from desktop to production – Windows, macOS, Linux and big iron (AIX, Solaris).

Avoid Lock-In with Open Source Languages
100% compatible with open source Python, Tcl and Perl so you can recruit skilled staff, ramp up faster and avoid vendor lock-in.

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Accelerate Time to Market
Spend less time setting things up and more time getting things done, with the top Tcl, Perl and Python modules precompiled and ready to go.

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