Download Ruby 3

Ruby bundled with Rails – over 100 of the most popular RubyGems bundled together so you can get coding right away.

Why ActiveState Ruby?


Create a Ruby environment that contains just the RubyGems you need for your operating system


Automatically build RubyGems from source code with our tamper-proof secure build service. Identify & fix vulnerabilities as and when they occur


Share your Ruby environment “source of truth” with your Ruby development teams, ensuring environment reproducibility

Why Download Ruby From ActiveState?

ActiveState has been in the business of providing supported, community-derived open source software (OSS) language distributions for more than 20 years. Developers know they’re getting Ruby, Python, Perl, and Tcl that “just works” out of the box.

ActiveState Ruby is available via our ActiveState Platform, which is a universal package manager solution that contains its own catalog of over 100,000 of the most popular RubyGems pulled from public repositories like Download Ruby + Rails, or configure your own Ruby environment for your Ruby programming project. The ActiveState Platform’s tamper-proof build service will automatically and securely build it for Windows and Linux, including any linked C libraries, and then automatically install it to your local machine in a virtual development environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Ruby download free?

ActiveState Ruby is a simple way for programmers (even beginners) to add Ruby to their local system, along with any dependency their project may require. It’s free to download, but there are some limits on use: you can have no more than one runtime active at any given time. An active runtime is the number of instances of software from the ActiveState Platform that you run in a 24 hour period.

If you need more runtimes, please see our Plans and Pricing page.

How do I download Ruby for Windows, Mac or Linux?

We recommend downloading a recent version of ActiveState Ruby for Windows or Linux (including Ubuntu, CentOS and other flavours of Unix) from the ActiveState Platform. When it comes to how to install Ruby, unlike rubyinstaller, ActiveState Ruby is deployed from the command line (CMD command prompt for Microsoft Windows users) with a simple Powershell script that automatically creates a virtual environment automatically on install to eliminate gem conflicts.

You will be prompted to create a free ActiveState Platform account using your email address or GitHub credentials.

What can I use the ActiveState Ruby download for?

Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR) provide one of the most popular programming languages and frameworks for web application development. ActiveState Ruby can be used to develop both commercial and non-commercial applications for organizations both large and small.

Which version of Ruby should I download?

While the ActiveState Platform makes available multiple different versions of Ruby, in general, it’s always best to choose the latest minor Ruby version, or else the previous minor version in order to ensure compatibility with recent versions of third-party RubyGems, as well as to minimize vulnerabilities. For example, if the most current version is 3.1, the safe bet is to use 3.0.3.