Software and hardware vendors including Alcatel-Lucent, CA and Cisco have discovered the benefits of using open source dynamic languages in their applications to save development time, get to market faster, and create a seamless customer experience. They rely on ActivePerl, ActivePython, or ActiveTcl to run their applications. And then count on ActiveState's OEM solutions for turnkey redistribution rights. By relying on ActiveState to license applications properly, our OEM customers are rest assured, knowing they're covered with indemnification against potential copyright infringement lawsuits. Plus, they use dynamic languages with confidence knowing they've got access to on-demand, guaranteed support. 

If you embed Perl, Python or Tcl in commercial software or hardware, you'll gain peace of mind by trusting ActiveState OEM solutions to eliminate potential legal headaches and costs that can occur when you distribute open source software in commercial products.

Reduce Legal Risk

Protect your organization from Intellectual Property infringement lawsuits with ActiveState OEM Edition and rest easy knowing you’re protected from copyright or intellectual property infringement claims.

Eliminate Complexity  

Developers don’t always know precisely which open source components are embedded in their products. That's because they often download open source code from the Web and start using it without licensing requirements in mind. In fact, a 2007 InfoWorld survey reported that a major challenge of using open source languages in enterprise software development is understanding and enforcing licensing.

ActiveState OEM’s turn-key redistribution rights take care of licensing for you. That means no time-consuming homework and administration for your team. Your staff can spend their valuable time developing and delivering quality products, not trying to unravel the complexities of open source licensing.

Improve Customer Experience & Compliance

Provide a more seamless experience for your customers and users by embedding ActivePerl, ActivePython, or ActiveTcl with your applications - the preferred scripting language for millions of IT professionals worldwide. You'll also be able to guarantee compliance so customers and partners can be confident knowing you properly license all the open source software embedded in your products.

Deliver Applications, Faster

Our dynamic language distributions are tested for enterprise-readiness in reliability, security, interoperability and scalability. They address module-level dependencies and eliminate potential licensing problems. Plus, when you are under pressure to speed-up development cycles to get to market faster, you get priority access to ActiveState's experts to help your development team keep projects on track.