Dynamic languages are becoming increasingly popular in enterprises today. With greater flexibility and ramp time, teams that are under pressure to create applications faster are turning to dynamic languages. If your organization is looking to leverage Perl, Python or Tcl in your next project, you've come to the right place. After all, more than 2 million developers and 97% of the Fortune 1000—including Cisco, HP, Siemens, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, The Boeing Company and NASA—trust ActiveState's solutions and dynamic language experts.

Solutions for Perl

Millions of developers trust Perl for computational and integration tasks. Start with Perl Dev Kit, an essential companion for any developer building in Perl to accelerate the speed of development. Then rely on commercial or enterprise-grade ActivePerl to save developer time and take products to market faster. To redistribute applications with ActivePerl, look to the OEM Edition. ActiveState meets all your Perl needs from commercial support for Perl to training and consulting.

Solutions for Python

Python is one of the fastest-growing dynamic languages. For your web or cloud applications, trust quality-assured, tested ActivePython complete with priority access to Python experts to ensure maximum uptime and developer productivity. Eliminate the risks of costly legal action with turn-key redistribution rights and intellectual property indemnification. Trust our Python commercial support, training and consulting to propel your business forward.

Solutions for Tcl

Tcl is a powerful dynamic language for rapid prototyping, GUIs, testing and more. Discover how quality-assured, enterprise-ready ActiveTcl can ensure maximum uptime for your applications. Put legal risks and licensing headaches to rest with turn-key redistribution rights. If your team is developing in Tcl, the Tcl Dev Kit is a vital addition to the development toolbox. From commercial support for Tcl to training and consulting, the dynamic languages experts will meet your needs.

Solutions for PHP, Ruby, CSS, HTML, Javascript

If your team is building applications in PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Python, Perl, Tcl or another dynamic language, rely on Komodo IDE. ActiveState's award-winning professional development environment helps your teams code smarter and faster.