2018 Open Source Runtime Pains Developer Survey

Developer Survey 2018 – Open Source Runtime Pains

This year ActiveState ran a developer survey to better understand open source runtime pains and sought responses from developers around the globe.

DevOps: Applying Machine Learning in the CI/CD Chain

DevOps is under pressure to release more often. But once you’ve automated everything, what’s next? This white paper discusses how applying Machine Learning (ML) to the data you’re collecting in your DevOps process can provide insights into the way forward.

Guide to Machine Learning in Healthcare

Download our Machine Learning in Healthcare Guide, which provides practical information on how to get started in ML along with recent examples of successful solutions.

Executive Guide to Machine Learning

Get our Executive Guide for everything you need to know to get started with ML. We cover everything from the benefits to your business to the build-or-buy process, to help you implement ML in your organization.

O’Reilly Ebook: Machine Learning is Changing the Rules

This in-depth ebook provides practical advice for organizations looking to launch a machine-learning initiative, and explores use cases for six industries involved in AI and machine learning today.

License to Code: How to Mitigate Open Source License Risks

According to Gartner, as much as 95% of IT organizations leverage open source software (OSS). However, incorporating OSS into your project often comes with licensing terms that place obligations on how you can distribute your product.

Why Go Will Replace Java and C

Java and C remain the most widely used development frameworks, but the world of software delivery has changed. Learn why Go is the key to modern enterprise application development, and how you can adopt Go to stay competitive.

Unlocking the Power of Data Science & Machine Learning with Python

This guide explores how organizations are using Python for advanced analytics, machine learning and operationalizing results. Learn how Python compares with other languages and get an overview of Python's data science ecosystem.

Python: The Programmer’s Lingua Franca

Since you can't be proficient in every programming language under the sun, a language that bridges technologies and allows people to communicate their ideas is needed. A few programming languages have tried to fill this role over the years, but none holds as much promise as Python.