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SBOM - TechstrongTV Interview

SBOMs and Software Supply Chain Security – TechStrong TV Interview

Learn how the ActiveState Artifact Repository helps you secure your software supply chain security.

ActiveState Artifact Repository – TechStrong TV Interview

The ActiveState Artifact Repository enables organizations to securely build Python dependencies directly from source code.

activestate platform manage python projects

Manage your Python projects with the ActiveState Platform

The ActiveState Platform helps you and your team deliver your Python projects on time and free of errors.

Video - activestate platform demo for enterprise

ActiveState Platform: Get Python Applications to Market Faster

In this short video, learn how the ActiveState Platform helps your developers spend less time dealing with the frustrations of managing Python environments, and more time coding, so you can get your applications to market faster!

ActiveState Platform: Simplify Python Project Kickoff

ActiveState Platform: Simplify Python Project Kickoff

In this short video, learn how the ActiveState Platform automatically resolves Python dependencies and gets your build up and running in minutes.

Automatically Build Language Distros

ActiveState Platform Demo: Automatically Build Language Distros

Watch a 5.5-minute demo that shows how a single developer can create an open source runtime in just a few minutes, without the need for a team of build engineers.

ActiveState Platform Trailer

ActiveState Platform Trailer

Make polyglot development easier by automating your build engineering cycle, dependency management and checking for threats and license compliance. Watch the Platform trailer.

Managing Python Dependencies

Managing Python Dependencies

We overview common methods of working with complex dependency trees in Python in this excerpt from our webinar: Managing Dependencies & Runtime Security.

Virtualenv vs Pipenv: Demo

ActiveState Platform Demo: Virtualenv vs Pipenv

This year, the Python community has welcomed pipenv as an improved way to create virtual environments, especially when it comes to dependency management. Watch the demo.