Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs)

Learn what a software bill of materials is and how it can help you secure your development processes


Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA)

Learn what the SLSA security framework is and how you can use it.

DependencyConfusion QR

Dependency Confusion

Learn what a dependency confusion attack consists of, how to identify it and how to protect your software from it.

Secure Build Process

Learn how to implement a secure software development build system.

SoftwareSupplyChainThreats - QR

Software Supply Chain Threats

Learn about the top 3 most prevalent software supply chain threats.

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Software Supply Chain Security

Click to learn about software supply chain security, identifying and remediating risks of an organization’s software.

Python wheels

How to install, download and build Python wheels

Learn how to work wth Python wheels and understand what are the other ways of building Python from source code.

virtual environment tools

How to create a virtual environment shell using different Python tools

Learn the different ways to create virtual Python shell environments - Venv, Virtualenv, Pyenv, Pipenv and the ActiveState Platform

how to pip install proxy

How to Use Pip with a Proxy Server

Learn step by step how to install and use PIP with a Proxy server for security and privacy. Understand the alternative way to secure pip use.