DevOps, Google SLSA and Software Supply Chain Security

Webinar: DevOps, SLSA and Software Supply Chain Security

Join live on July 14, 2022 at 10am PT - Learn how to make software supply chain security easier with SLSA and automated dependency vendoring.

Webinar - Retaining Your Software Developer

Webinar: Keeping Software Devs Happy by Automating Open Source Pains

Enterprise software developers are leaving in droves. Learn how to automate open source pains so your team can stay happy and productive.

dependency hell on-demand

Webinar: Solving Dependency Hell at Enterprise Scale

Dependency Hell is a real threat to your project deadlines. Learn best practices and automated tooling so you can free up your dev team.

trusted artifacts watch now

Webinar: A Simplified Path To Trusted Open Source Artifacts

Learn why proxying open source repositories and even building open source yourself may no longer be secure in 2022.

Python 2 Timebomb Webinar Watch Now

Webinar: The Python 2 Time Bomb – Securing Your Python Supply Chain

Learn how Python 2 poses an increasing security risk two years after End of Life in non-production environments, and how organizations can finally move beyond Python 2.

Moving Beyond ActivePython&Perl On Demand Webinar Updated

Webinar: Moving Beyond ActivePython & ActivePerl

We're moving beyond all-in-one distributions of Python and Perl. Learn how the ActiveState Platform provides a modern alternative.

Sep 16 Workshop Watch Now Cover

Workshop: Fundamentals for Improving Python Productivity and Security

How do Python developers work on complex projects with traditional Python package management tools? Join us to see what's changed in 2021.

frontline of attack webinar on demand website image

Webinar: The Frontline of Attack – Securing Your Python, Perl and Tcl Supply Chains

Learn how attacks on open source supply chains impact your organization, and how you can secure your Python, Perl and Tcl environments based on best practices from the US Executive Order and Google SLSA framework.

What's New At ActiveState May 2021

Webinar: What’s New at ActiveState (May 2021)

Learn about the newest features to land on the ActiveState Platform including finding and fixing vulnerabilities (CVEs), State Tool capabilities and other updates.