Top Open Source Language Trends for 2019

Top Open Source Language Trends for 2019

Gain insights to shape your open source strategy. Get predictions for open source languages in 2019 in this on-demand webinar.

Eliminate the Struggles of Adding a New Programming Language

Eliminate Struggles with Adding a Language

Get lessons learned and best practices for adding a new programming language in your organization from Manulife and GSI Technology guest presenters...

How to Manage the Risk of your Polyglot Environments Webinar

How to Manage the Risk of your Polyglot Environments

Explore how to navigate the tension between speed and security when it comes to managing multiple open source languages within an organization.

The Evolving Role of Build Engineering in Managing Open Source

In this webinar hosted by, we explore how the role of build engineering is evolving to reconcile two key trends: massive wide-scale...

Machine Learning Operationalization

This webinar covers the last mile in your ML deployment, in other words, machine learning operationalization. We cover DevOps-style practices for the...

Managing Dependencies & Runtime Security

Stop wasting engineering time fixing security holes too late in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Start with a secure foundation before...

Runtime Security Demo: 5 Ways to Reduce Application Risk

We know that it can feel like a constant struggle to balance speed of development with your security and compliance requirements. We've taken our 20...

Making Machine Learning Accessible

Learn the business "why" and technical "how" for implementing machine learning (ML) in your organization. This webinar covers: Overview of ML and its...

Inject Security Into Source Code: How 2018 Will Shift Your Application Security Priorities

In this webinar, our expert panelists discuss top threats to consider in your application security and a new way to shift security way left, into source code.