Open Source Artifacts You Can Trust.
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The ActiveState Platform maximizes DevOps security without increasing development cycles. Trusted open source language artifacts help you ship on time while reducing the risks associated with using open source repositories.

Managing Python and other open source dependencies at scale is a massive undertaking. Join us to learn best practices and automated tooling to free up your dev team and ship software faster!

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Solving Dependency Hell at Enterprise Scale
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Have Confidence in Your Builds

Reduce the risk of vulnerabilities, know which open source versions each build is on, and have the ability to reduce Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR).

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Secure Artifacts for Open Source Languages

Easily get the open source language packages your team needs, automatically built from source. With no new tooling, no risky public repositories, and no hassles.

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ActiveState Platform DevOps Flow

Supports Modern Workflows

Fits with existing DevOps and DevSecOps workflows, including CI/CD, with no process modifications necessary. Your teams continue working the way they want—the risky behavior is the only thing that changes!

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Secure, Modern Tools for Python, Perl and Tcl Developers

Spend less time wrestling with packages, dependencies, and vulnerabilities and more time focused on doing what you do best – coding!

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Secure, modern Python with advanced dependency management.

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Secure, modern Perl with native support for virtual environments.

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Leading Tcl distribution trusted for mission-critical applications.

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Universal package management solution for Perl, Python & Tcl.

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A CLI tool that puts the power of the ActiveState Platform right in your terminal.
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