How to we compare to Anaconda?

ActiveState is the ultimate platform for developers. We provide open source security your developers will love.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Are you tired of feeling held back by outdated tools and slow updates? Our platform is designed to empower developers like you, providing the tools, features, and resources you need to code with confidence. With ActiveState, you’ll have access to the latest updates, cutting-edge libraries, and a secure software supply chain – all so you can focus on what you do best: making your code a reality.

Streamlined Solutions for Your Success


ActiveState is the one-stop destination for all development needs. Our streamlined solutions allow developers to work efficiently, whether they’re building Python packages, monitoring vulnerabilities, or creating secure environments. Plus, with our automated and hermetically sealed build process, you can trust that your software supply chain is protected. 

Don’t let there be limitations in your software supply chain, unlock your full potential with ActiveState.

No More Waiting for New Releases


At ActiveState we understand you can’t wait 3-6 months for distro updates and then to have any concerns about the security of your software supply chain. With Anaconda’s build process involving several human touchpoints, it’s natural to worry about potential vulnerabilities.

Feature ActiveState Team Tier Anaconda Team Edition – Starter Package
Support Pricing (annual) $1,008** $10K
Implementation Fee N/A $2,500
Critical Updates Yes Yes
Additional Packages Any No
Pricing per User (annual) Includes up to 3 active runtimes (equivalent of 1 user’s needs) Includes up to 5
Pricing per Node (annual) Includes up to 1 static runtime (equivalent to 1 node) Includes up to 5
Support Email and Chat Community
Package Builds Automated Manually via Conda Forge
Pre-Built Distributions Multiple Two: Anaconda & Miniconda

**June 21, 2021 onwards we’ve changed how we distribute, license, and price our products and services. Read more about the changes here. or view our pricing page for the latest information about the different tiers.

Experience the ActiveState Advantage, secure your supply chain with us.

Ready to make a plan to secure your supply chain? Want to know where your developers are getting their open source code? Need to know what licenses and common vulnerabilities are inherent to your software?

Let our team of experts get you the answers you need.

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