Meet the Anaconda Alternative

Access the largest secure catalog of Python packages built from source, get SBOMs at no extra cost, and deploy on Mac, Linux or Windows quickly with automated dependency management.

Trusted by 97% of fortune 1000 companies.

Why do teams switch to ActiveState Python?

Support for any Python package

Get all packages built securely, on demand at no extra cost.

SBOMs and attestations included

Identify your dependencies, and verify their provenance and security.

Enterprise-wide Python visibility

Every package for each project in all environments in a single view.

What You Get With ActiveState Python

Secure Python Throughout the Build Process

Shifting security left is easy when you don’t have to think about it.

The ActiveState platform builds Python packages from source automatically, no more risky PyPI or Conda downloads.

Want more? We got more.

Software Bill of Materials are provided at no extra cost, prove to everyone that your Python dependencies are secure.

All the Packages & Unlimited Python Distributions

We’ve already ingested 90% of the PyPI catalog and are officially a trusted PyPI publisher.

Need more? We’ll grab and build it for you at no extra cost AND we support any number of distros within our platform.

So go ahead, build all you want without worrying about pricing blockers.

All-in-one Python Management Tool

With restorable environments, automated dependency resolution and easy single command shares, the ActiveState Platform is your new best friend for managing Python runtimes and environments.

Compare ActiveState vs Anaconda at a glance

ActiveState Anaconda
Catalog All Python dependencies found on PyPI Limited + additional fee for non-standard dependencies
Catalog Updates Continuous Infrequent
Storage & CPU Costs Included Additional fee
SBOMs Included Additional fee
Provenance Software Attestations included Not Provided
Package Manager State Tool Conda
Package Builds Automated via SLSA Build Level 3 hardened build service Manually via Conda Forge
Virtual Environments Automatically provisioned Manually provisioned
Dependency Insight Enterprise-wide roll-up view by user, project, CVE, etc Per project view

Got Questions? We’ve got answers

How easy is it to migrate from Anaconda to ActiveState?

Migrating from Anaconda to ActiveState is as simple as installing a version of ActiveState Python along with the State Tool. It’s very beginner friendly, read more about the simple 5 step migration process today.

ActiveState Python includes all of the Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Packages, as well as popular Python libraries like Tensorflow, Pytorch, Numpy, Pandas, Syntax, Scipy, and Spyder typically used in academic and corporate projects. Historic and recent versions are included so users can take advantage of the latest features and innovations, while being able to reproduce older projects. 

Of course you can, but downloading packages off PyPI is a risk. In the past year, 116 malicious installed packages were found in 53 projects. With software supply chain attacks growing, having a secure, constantly updated version of each Python package is not such a bad idea. ActiveState builds all packages from source ensuring security from the get-go for data scientists and developers alike.  

Absolutely! Because ActiveState Python installs into a virtual environment by default, you can run both Anaconda Python and ActiveState Python side by side and compare their capabilities and key differences. Start by creating a free ActiveState platform account at

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