How do we compare to Anaconda?

ActiveState Python: the easiest way to work with Python that just happens to be the most secure. 

Complete Python Catalog

All the Python packages your teams require are available in a single, central location — the ActiveState Platform — and can be shared with your entire team. 

That includes not only developers but also Compliance Officers, who can identify all the licenses associated with each dependency. Security Officers can view all the vulnerabilities associated with each dependency, and receive notifications when new ones arise.

A Secure Python Supply Chain


ActiveState builds all Python packages from vetted source code, including linked C and Rust libraries using a secure, SLSA-compliant build service. 

That means no longer having to take a risk on including pre-built PyPI or Conda Forge packages, which are primary vectors of software supply chain attacks.

No More Waiting for New Releases


At ActiveState we understand you can’t wait 3-6 months for a new distro update. We regularly import new packages/package versions, as well as new Python releases. This means you can always create or update your environment with the latest packages/Python on demand in order to speed up vulnerability remediation, and ensure you can take advantage of new features. 

Feature ActiveState Team Tier Anaconda Team Edition – Starter Package
Support Pricing (annual) Contact Us $10K
Implementation Fee N/A $2,500
Critical Updates Yes Yes
Additional Packages Any No
Pricing per User (annual) Includes up to 3 active runtimes (equivalent of 1 user’s needs) Includes up to 5
Pricing per Node (annual) Includes up to 1 static runtime (equivalent to 1 node) Includes up to 5
Support Email and Chat Community
Package Builds Automated Manually via Conda Forge
Pre-Built Distributions Multiple Two: Anaconda & Miniconda

Please view our pricing page for the latest information about about our tiered pricing.

Experience the ActiveState Advantage, secure your Python supply chain with us.

Ready to gain the advantages of a secure Python supply chain that simplifies both dependency and environment management? Then you need ActiveState Python, which provides visibility into not only who is using which packages (and their dependencies), but also whether those dependencies are vulnerable and licensed properly.

Let our team of experts show you how easy it is to migrate from Anaconda to ActiveState Python.

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