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All Our Stuff is Supported on Windows 7
All our stuff is supported on Windows 7
Are you wondering if the ActiveState product you want to use will work on Windows 7? The short answer is “Yes. All our stuff works ...
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10 Interesting Uses Perl, Python and Tcl
10 Interesting Uses of Perl, Python, and Tcl
Dynamic languages have the reputation of being great for quick prototyping of an application, or for quick “duct tape” fixes to link systems together.  When ...
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How To Migrate Perl Server-To-Server
How to Migrate Perl Server-to-Server
Sooner or later everybody swaps out hardware. Installing the new gear is usually the easy part. How do you get your applications transferred across, as ...
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Setting Up IIS For ActivePerl
Setting up IIS for ActivePerl
In the good old days, you could turn on IIS 5, install ActivePerl, and get a working integrated setup for your Windows systems right out ...
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Top four questions from businesses using ActivePerl, ActivePython, and ActiveTcl
Like every company, we regularly field questions about our products. We’re very happy to answer these. Part of my job is to answer the questions ...
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