Freedom Fighter or Centralized Paranoia? Open World Forum Keynote by Eben Moglen

Last fall I attended the Olliance Group’s Think Tank and Open World Forum 2010 (OWF) in Paris.  It was a productive trip and I highly recommend attending these events in the wonderful city of Paris.

I wanted to share with you a particularly intriguing and thought provoking keynote speech at OWF by Eben Moglen, Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center. If you don’t know who Eben Moglen is you can read about him here.  I am not going to try to summarize his speech since I couldn’t give it the proper clarity and respect.  But it’s a must-see for anyone that develops, manages, or even uses any kind of software, online application, or social media. It just recently became available on YouTube by the OWF organizers, so I encourage you to watch the presentation now, and determine for yourself… is he a freedom fighter or is it centralized paranoia?

To support his stance on free software, he references Microsoft, Facebook users, Cloud, SaaS, Data Mining, and a whole lot more. So if you have any opinion or stake in the future of software or social media, I encourage you to listen to it. Whether you are pro or con on Mr. Moglen’s views, he really gets you thinking.

Do you agree with him? Disagree? What intrigues you most about Mr. Moglen’s thoughts? Fire us back a comment!

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