Freedom vs. Cost Savings

Another gem from Matt Asay on his blog The Open Road today.

He discusses how for a long time the message behind why companies should adopt open source was to break free from dreaded vendor lock-ins, or as he puts it “Stop feeding your firstborn sons to the beast in Redmond!” Instead, more companies realize that choosing open source (and third party support) also reduces costs and increases IT efficiency. Sounds great, huh?

“It’s time for the marketing message around open source to move beyond “and justice for all.” Cost savings, performance boosts, etc. are far more relevant to likely adopters of open source. Such open-source customers are less concerned by the intricacies of open-source business models than they are by tangible returns on their open-source investments.”

In this economy who doesn’t want to save money and use what’s left more effectively? Read the full post.

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