CI/CD Tools & Implementations for DevOps

CI/CD Tools & Implementations for DevOps

With a 20 year history of supporting open source languages for organizations both large and small, we’ve seen some common pitfalls that may be negatively impacting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery implementations.

How to Improve Your CI/CD Implementation

CICD Survey results resources

Is CI/CD fully automated within your enterprise? Are the benefits of automating build, test, deliver and deploy cycles realized? Find out where you stand in comparison to your peers with our CI/CD survey results.

Optimizing CICD implementations

Our state of CI/CD survey in 2020 helped us understand where the gaps of open source automation lie and how our Platform can help. Get our insights on how you can optimize your implementation of CI/CD in this white paper.

Optimizing CI/CD Pipelines In GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions’ CI/CD pipelines can speed up your builds with parallelized, multi-platform capabilities and caching. Learn how ActiveState tooling can optimize things even further.

Microsoft azure pipelines

Azure Pipelines is a good option for users that require CI/CD for their Windows or cross-platform applications. Learn how pre-built runtimes can make it more reliable and faster.

Solving Reproducibility & Transparency In Google Cloud Build CI/CD Pipelines

Learn how to create a compliant Google Cloud Build pipeline while eliminating “works on my machine” issues with the ActiveState Platform.

Travis CI

A CI/CD Pipeline for Python that eliminates “works on my machine” and doesn’t create a schism between dev and test environments? Read on.

Simplifying Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines

Jenkins is often called the elder statesman of CI/CD, but you’re never too old to learn a new trick. Learn how ActiveState can improve reproducibility, ensure all your dependencies are accounted for, and do it all without introducing new artifacts to manage.

GitLab Ci:cd

GitLab takes an integrated approach, providing different tools for all the phases of the software lifecycle, including CI/CD. Learn how to simplify your development workflow and CI/CD setup.

AppVeyor CI

Appveyor is well known for its Windows support, but now also supports Linux and Mac. Learn how to eliminate the “works on my machine” problem, and simplify the setup of a more secure, consistent, up-to-date CI/CD pipeline.

CircleCI CICD page graphic

Implementing a CI/CD system into your projects as early as possible is always a good idea. Learn how the ActiveState Platform integrats with CircleCI to make the process easier, faster and more secure.

CICD Pipeline CICD page graphic

Learn how to use a modern package manager like the ActiveState Platform to set-up an automated and repeatable CI/CD pipeline.

ActiveState platform screenshot

Improving Reproducibility & Transparency

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or Deployment (CI/CD) is an agile software development best practice designed to enable more frequent and reliable code delivery. And if you’re building a commercial application, who wouldn’t want that? As a result, there are a large number of CI/CD vendors with various offerings, but no universal out-of-the-box approach exists. The content we’ve created delves deep into various DevOps tools like AzureGoogle Cloud BuildGitHub Actions etc. and can help you avoid some common CI/CD Pitfalls like:

  • Reproducibility – with more frequent code check-ins and deployments, any inconsistencies between dev, test, and production environments can introduce major stumbling blocks.
  • Transparency – security and compliance issues that arise from a lack of provenance around open source language artifacts can also hold up the CI/CD chain.

Here at ActiveState, we’re actively working to enhance our multi-language, multi-OS open source language platform (the ActiveState Platform) to help improve enterprise CI/CD tooling and practices.

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