About Us

Our Journey, Our Commitment, Our Vision

ActiveState helps enterprises go faster and keep in control. We’re redefining the way companies ship and manage software built with open source languages. We give you what no one else can, a vision backed with over 20 years of experience with languages like Python, Go, Perl, Tcl and Ruby.

Our Purpose

Software vendors are pivotal in safeguarding customer security. A single compromised patch or upgrade can leave numerous customers vulnerable to cyberattacks. We strive to prevent scenarios like SolarWinds.

Instead of using various separate solutions and custom code, ActiveState offers a comprehensive solution. It guarantees the security and integrity of the open-source components you import, work with, and execute. We create technology that just works – and make open source easy for the enterprise.

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Core Values

Growth Mindset

We play an active role growing the use of open source languages.


As a team, with our customers and partners, and with the open source community.

Making a Difference

Innovating, expanding our horizons, and serving our community.

Our Commitment to Open-Source

We’re firmly rooted in open source languages as supporters and contributors, bringing core expertise to enterprises while giving back to the community. Learn about the Open Source Early Access Program for the ActiveState Platform!

Trusted by Developers, Proven for the Enterprise

97% of the Fortune 1000 companies have adopted our Python, Perl, and Tcl solutions. Millions of developers in 1000s of companies trust our tooling.

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