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Secure your software supply chain

Acquire, build, deploy, and track open source elements across your software development lifecycle from inception to production.

ActiveState’s product experts will build a new runtime environment for you in less than 15 minutes on the platform.

We can help you:

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Improve security and developer productivity across your organization


Stop the Cost Ramp

Avoid the vicious circle of a codebase that’s getting more out of date and expensive by the day. Our platform’s automated dependency resolution and code remediation consistently applies incremental changes to your code.


Cut undifferentiated work

Stop wasting 30% of your sprint  addressing technical and security debt. The ActiveState platform takes care of the undifferentiated work, so that you developers can focus on innovative features that’ll grow your business.


Your code, your version

Bleeding edge or stable version – the choice is yours. We apply updates based on your preferences, resolve your dependencies, and provide change reports that lists all possible impacts.


Secure from the get-go

It can take 2 years to find security flaws in open source software, are you ok using vulnerable code for that long? We build packages from source. You’ll not only upgrade to your preferred version, you’re also gaining a secure codebase.

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