Government Solutions

Government Solutions

Open source software can help make IT more cost-effective, faster to deploy. That’s why NASA, NSA and other government organizations use open source languages in their applications.

But, there are some risks. If your applications are critical for operational success and must not fail, the “open” nature of open source software can make technical problems slow to fix. In fact, the US Department of Defense and Department of Navy strongly recommend commercial-grade support for open source*, and other government agencies are following suit.

Commercial-grade language distributions and priority technical support from ActiveState makes dynamic languages a safe and reliable choice for government. Here’s why:

Maximum Uptime for Critical Applications

ActiveState Business Editions are affordable solutions developed for government organizations that use dynamic languages in key processes or in operation-critical applications. Business Edition customers trust ActiveState’s guaranteed technical support and regular fixes and updates to ensure they’re using the most secure, high-performance languages in their applications.

If you run applications with a higher threshold of guaranteed up-times, then the more robust ActiveState Enterprise Editions offer enhanced commercial support, indemnification, and priority access to our dynamic languages experts.

Comply with Government Open Source Requirements

Is your government organization calling for mandatory commercial support for open source components? Get ActiveState commercial support with our Business Editions and ensure you are in compliance with support requirements.

Speed-Up Application Development

With assistance from ActiveState experts, your team will speed-up development, improve product quality and ultimately make constituents happier. ActiveState language experts will work side-by-side with your team to improve the design, development, deployment and success of IT projects that use our open source language builds.

ActiveState also provides Komodo IDE, the award-winning, professional development environment for open source languages, to help dramatically simplify and speed-up open source language development.

*Joab Jackson, “DOD open source memo could change software landscape“, Government Computer News, October 28, 2009.

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