It’s time to secure your open source supply chain

The open source supply chain is increasingly under attack, with a 742% increase over the past 3 years.

open source supply chain threat

The ActiveState Platform can help you address software supply chain threats for Python, Perl, Ruby and Tcl.

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Open source security supply chain
The ActiveState Platform eliminates many potential points of supply chain attacks by providing a consistent, end-to-end ecosystem that offers:
  • Vetted Source Code – indemnified packages are checked ensure they are well maintained and suitably licensed for commercial use
  • Scripted Builds – no manual intervention
  • Secure Build Service – ephemeral, isolated, hermetic build environments for each build step
  • Verifiable Reproducibility –  deterministic builds that fail “safe”
  • Provenance Attestationsprovenance can be established for each built artifact
  • SBOMs – a complete Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) for your runtime environment
parallel build screenshot

Implementing the ActiveState Platform can help ensure the security and integrity of your Python, Perl, Ruby and Tcl software supply chains.

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