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Perl WebDev Runtimes

Update – June 2020

With the recent addition of more than 5,000 packages to the ActiveState Platform Perl catalog, users have been busy creating new custom runtimes. We’ve curated some of the best Perl runtimes for WebDev to make it easy for you to get started quicker with your web development tasks. You can download them all on the Featured Projects page under Curated Projects, or just click on a link below:

  • Perl for WebDev – includes popular frameworks like Dancer, Mojolicious and Catalyst. Use it if you want to test out and compare the different frameworks. 
  • Dancer for Perl WebDev – features the Dancer2 framework, and includes many of its most popular plugins.
  • Catalyst for Perl WebDev – features the Catalyst framework, and includes many of its most popular plugins. 
  • Mojolicious Perl WebDev – features the Mojolicious framework, and includes many of its most popular plugins. 

Latest Package Versions

Update – June 2020

The ActiveState Platform now imports the latest version of every third party package in our Python and Perl catalogs within 48 hours of publication, ensuring you can always build with the most up-to-date packages. Updates are pulled from each language’s central repository (eg., PyPI and CPAN). The ability to pull updates from other repositories (eg., metaCPAN, GitHub, etc) is planned.

Can’t find a package or version you need? Let us know on our Community Forums.


GitLab CI/CD Optimization

Update – June 2020

Trailing GitHub in the marketplace, GitLab has been busy focusing on satisfying enterprise needs like CI/CD. 

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to set up a reliable, fast CI/CD pipeline on GitLab by incorporating ActiveState’s State Tool to deploy your pre-built ActivePython runtime directly into GitLab’s Alpine-based containers rather than relying on pip to assemble your runtime on the fly.

Read How To Set Up CI/CD For Python Builds On GitLab.


Package Search Improvements

Update – June 2020

Exact Match

If you’ve tried to build your own runtime, you may have added packages using the search functionality to find the packages you need. Previously, the search functionality did not support exact match, so searching for package like “py” returned every package that contained “py” in the name. 

Now searches return exact matches, which means that searching for “py” will now return the Py package as the first result. 

Name Normalization for Python Packages

The Python ecosystem has guidelines for package naming, but they’re not strictly enforced. As a result, it can be frustrating trying to recall whether the package you want to search for is called Py-Model, py_model, Py.model, or pyModel.  

As a result, we’ve introduced name normalization to our search functionality so that no matter which naming convention you use, you’ll quickly find the correct result. 

Try it out by building your own runtime.


Perl Package Catalog Expansion

Update – June 2020

We’ve just added 5,000 of the most popular packages from CPAN to our Perl catalog on the ActiveState Platform. That’s a 10x increase in the number of packages you can now work with to build runtime environments for your projects.

Highlights in this round of imports include:

  • Web Frameworks like Mojolicious, Plack and Dancer2
  • Utilities like Moose, Moo and DateTime
  • Testing frameworks like Test-Exception, Test-Most and Test-Simple

And many, many others. Log in and give it a try.

Added 5K new perl packages

Python 3.8.2 Now Available for Custom Builds

Update – May 2020

You can now build custom runtime environments that contain Python 3.8.2 and just the packages/dependencies your project requires.

Based on the last official release of Python 3 from the Python Software Foundation, you can now rebuild your existing custom runtimes on Python 3.8.2, as well as create new ones. 

Create a Build with Python 3.8.2

Python 3.8.2 builds

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