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We’re reimagining how you work with Ruby and virtual environments

With ActiveState Ruby, developers get access to:
  • Security-first package management
  • Automated dependency resolution and easy solutions to dependency conflicts
  • Consistent, reproducible environments from dev to production that eliminate “works on my machine” issues
  • Automated builds from source code, including linked C libraries

Ruby package management that makes developers’ lives easier

ActiveState Ruby is powered by the ActiveState Platform. It offers automated dependency management, parallel cloud-based builds of dependencies from source code, team collaboration tools, and a versatile CLI (our State Tool) —all without the need for build engineering or Windows and Linux expertise.

ruby vulnerabilities

Identify & Resolve Security Vulnerabilities Faster

Shortcut the lengthy remediation process of investigating, rebuilding, retesting, and updating runtime environments. The ActiveState Platform lets you find vulnerabilities, fix them, and automatically rebuild a secure version of your Ruby environment in minutes, decreasing Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR) from days to hours.

Enterprise-Grade Ruby Dependency Management

The ActiveState Platform automates dependency resolution, helping to ensure your environment contains known-good sets of dependencies that work together. Can’t resolve a dependency conflict? Let the ActiveState Platform resolve it for you, or at least tell you how to manually solve it yourself.

ruby vulnerabilities
cli tool for ruby

Versatile CLI – our State Tool

Our open source CLI, the State Tool, lets you manage your environment directly from the terminal, easily integrate with your existing CI/CD pipelines, and keep your team synchronized across platforms.

Built Fast from Source

The ActiveState Platform gives you access to a distributed, parallel build system so that even complex development environments can be automatically built and packaged for your OS in record time—straight from source code—giving you all the security assurances and flexibility that comes with it.

Multi-OS Universal Ruby Package Management

Use the same tooling across platforms to manage all your Ruby environments. Add, remove, update individual dependencies, or import your Gemfile.lock so you can get coding quicker.

Revision Control

See a history of all changes to your environment with the ability to revert, fork, and merge changes between versions.

Common Development Environments

Keep teams synchronized with a centrally managed and updated Ruby environment all team members can share.

Open Source Licensing

ActiveState Ruby and the RubyGems you install via the command line are licensed under their original licenses.

Virtual Environments

Keep your projects sandboxed on your machine with a cross-platform, universal virtual environment solution that’s quicker and easier to use than rbenv, but still lets you run multiple versions of Ruby on your machine without worrying about dependency conflicts.

Ready to give it a try?

You can start right away by installing ActiveState Ruby via your command line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ActiveState Platform?

The ActiveState Platform is a universal package management solution for Ruby, Python, Perl and Tcl that lets you automatically build and manage language environments/distributions for all major OS’s with a single toolchain.

Why would I want to use the ActiveState Platform for Ruby?

The ActiveState Platform provides an alternative ecosystem for Ruby that offers a number of features and functionality over and above other Ruby distributions, including:

  • Automated dependency resolution, including solutions to dependency conflicts. No more dependency hell.
  • Automated notifications when a vulnerability is discovered, allowing you to quickly remediate and automatically rebuild a secure environment
  • All RubyGems and dependencies are built from source code, including linked C libraries, providing better security over using pre-built binaries.

There’s a bunch of other things that can help make your life easier as a professional Ruby Developer (including branching configurations, cross-platform scripting, eliminating “works only on my machine” issues, and more).

For more information, read State of Package Management


Does the ActiveState Platform act as a code repository?

No, we only deal with open source language components, we don’t deal with your code. We can accommodate your proprietary Ruby gems/libraries if so desired, however.

Why else would I want to use the ActiveState Platform for Ruby?

You might want to use it to help other developers get up and running on your project quicker. We’ll copy over the code from your GitHub repo and install it together with the runtime environment it requires to run — all with a single command.