ActiveState Active Awards 2003

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 12, 2003 – ActiveState is pleased to announce the third annual Programmers' Choice and Activators' Choice Awards. The awards honor those individuals who *actively* contribute to open languages and display excellence in their programming efforts. Awards will be presented in each of ActiveState's key technologies: Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, and XSLT. Programmers' Choice recipients are nominated and chosen by members of the programming community–like you. Know someone who's really made a difference using these languages? Tell us about them! We'll also be acknowledging our personal favorites with the Activators' Choice Awards. While you're busy voting for your favorites, our development team will do the same, selecting one deserving programmer in each language. Get out the vote and stay tuned! Nominee recommendations are from May 12 – June 1, 2003. We'll count the results and present five finalists in each category. Voting for the winner will take place from June 3-30, 2003. Perl, PHP, Python, and XSLT winners will be announced at OSCON on July 8, 2003. Tcl winners will be announced at the Tcl conference at the end of July.

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