ActiveState Partners with Digital Creations

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 29, 2000 – ActiveState, a leading provider of Internet programming software, and Digital Creations, creators of the Open Source Zope application server, announced that ActiveState will make Perl a scripting language for Zope. Perl is the predominant scripting language for Internet applications and is a key success story for the Open Source software movement. Zope is written in Python, the fastest growing Open Source scripting language.

"It is clear that the strength of Zope realizes the future architecture of the Web," said Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital Creations. "This dynamic architecture, and the people working with it, are a fantastic match for scripting languages. Thus it is natural that Digital Creations would team with ActiveState to make Perl a scripting language for Zope."

"Zope is a powerful content management system that we use internally," said Dick Hardt, CEO of ActiveState. "By adding the power of Perl to Zope, we will be able to leverage all the existing Perl technology that we have as well as bring the worlds of Python and Perl closer together."

Under this agreement, ActiveState will get Python and Perl to run in the same application. More specifically, Perl programmers can code critical pieces of business logic in Zope solutions.

"The Perl for Zope project brings the worlds of the two most important open source programming languages together," stated Gisle Aas, Senior Developer, ActiveState. "Python programmers will be able to directly take advantage of the large collection of reusable Perl program modules, like DBI, found on CPAN. Perl programmers will be able to program and customize the Zope web application server using their favorite language."

The initial developer release of Perl For Zope will coincide with the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention in July 2000. For more information on the project, please visit the Perl For Zope project page at

About ActiveState
ActiveState is at the forefront of Open Source infrastructure software, providing products and services for all popular Operating Systems including Windows, Linux and Solaris. ActiveState's key technology platforms are Perl, the Internet's most popular programming language and Python, a user-friendly scripting language. ActiveState solutions provide enterprise-wide deployment of Perl, improved programmer productivity, and seamless integration with other technologies. ActiveState believes in the evolution of core Perl and Python technologies and is committed to broadening the appeal of Perl and Python by making available easy to install packages for popular operating systems. For more information visit

About Digital Creations
Digital Creations combines pioneering ideas and powerful software to deliver definitive web solutions. Specifically, Digital Creations provides services and solutions for its renowned Zope application server.

About Zope
Zope is an Open Source application server for building high- performance, dynamic web sites. Zope runs on nearly all UNIX platforms as well as Windows NT, and can be used with popular web servers or its own built-in web server. Visit for more information, and get Zope free at

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