ActiveState Premieres New Video, “Enabling the Future of Applications: The Stackato Vision”

Vancouver, BC – April 2, 2015ActiveState announced today that it is outlining the future of enterprise IT in its new video titled “Enabling the Future of Applications: The Stackato Vision.” In the video, Bernard Golden, ActiveState Vice President of Strategy, outlines the dynamic nature of enterprise IT, shares ActiveState’s views about IT’s increasingly important role, and demonstrates how enterprises can prepare themselves for the future.

According to Golden, technology is accelerating at high speeds and this acceleration will continue to exponentially increase for the foreseeable future. The Stackato Vision cites luminaries Ray Kurzweil and Marc Andreessen to explain why this dynamic of increased competition and shorter product life-spans is only going to grow. Golden discusses the fact that traditional application architectures are inadequate for the world of exponentially growing technology change. He shares how emergence of the “Third Platform,” coined by the highly respected analyst firm IDC, is shaking up established industries.

Third Platform companies, such as Uber, are disrupting industry incumbents and building powerful new franchises and revenue streams by building a new model of application. It is a model that evolves rapidly, scales quickly, allows users to interact on their favorite device, and leverages analytics to drive new product functionality.

“The Third Platform is the model of the future,” said Bart Copeland, CEO ActiveState. “Companies have to be willing to openly examine where they are now and where they want to be – and how they want to get there. Current methodologies and tools are insufficient to keep pace with the dynamically changing nature of industry. Enterprises that will succeed are those that prepare themselves now with the right processes, tools, and culture.”

While many in the industry believe that the Third Platform is a powerful model, most question how to implement Third Platform applications. The Stackato Vision details, for the first time, the full range of IT capabilities required to meet IT’s role of the future — and how Stackato, the enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) made by ActiveState, delivers those capabilities today.

To illustrate the dramatic improvements in application lifecycles that companies can experience by adopting the Third Platform model, the video presents two Stackato case studies. Highlights include companies who achieved up to 500% faster deployment timeframes, faster application prototyping, richer partnering with outside companies, and larger application portfolios.

“When I share with IT organizations what we’ve done with Stackato, our Cloud Foundry and Docker distribution, they typically respond that it’s exactly the product they need to meet the challenges they face in fulfilling their new role,” says Bernard Golden. “Discussing how Stackato can help them accelerate the application lifecycle, support product/service experimentation, and achieve lightweight hybrid cloud capabilities, they are always eager to hear more.”

“Enabling the Future of Applications” helps IT organizations understand what their future will look like and equips viewers with the knowledge of how they can respond to the looming business challenges the Third Platform presents — and the business opportunities it offers.

To learn more, view the video below:

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