ActiveState Stackato Now Supports Private PaaS on HP Cloud Services

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – January 12, 2012 – ActiveState—whose software enables developers and enterprises to innovate from code to cloud smarter, faster, and safer—announced today that ActiveState Stackato, the infrastructure-agnostic, multilingual private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, is now supported on HP Cloud Services. Stackato, built on Cloud Foundry and hardened for the enterprise, already is supported on vSphere and Amazon EC2, and will soon support OpenStack and other infrastructure platforms. ActiveState Stackato brings secure PaaS multi-tenancy to HP Cloud Services. While other PaaS offerings rely on user-based Unix security, Stackato is the first PaaS to bring lxc-based containerization to HP Cloud Services to create a more trusted level of security to your private PaaS deployments.

HP Cloud Services, currently in private beta, is HP’s next generation of cloud infrastructure, platform services and cloud solutions for developers, ISVs and businesses. It is based on HP’s Converged Infrastructure, a combination of HP hardware, software, services, and OpenStack technology. Stackato’s support for HP Cloud Services gives enterprise developers more options and flexibility when choosing their cloud infrastructure services, while providing all the benefits of a private PaaS to deploy, scale, and manage applications.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprises that are demanding different options for their cloud infrastructure,” notes Bart Copeland, President and CEO of ActiveState. “Adding support for HP Cloud Services to Stackato reinforces our vision of providing the PaaS layer in the cloud that supports any underlying infrastructure, which will greatly benefit enterprise developers and IT/DevOps by giving them the options and flexibility they want.” He adds, “Those enterprise developers and IT/DevOps need good options for building secure yet flexible cloud infrastructure—HP Cloud Services allow enterprises access to world-class products and services, and is going to be a clear alternative to Amazon Web Services.”

Stackato is a private PaaS that enables deployment, scaling, and management of Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Node.js, Scala, and Clojure applications to any cloud. Stackato delivers the power of PaaS on-premise with the security, privacy, and control behind a corporate firewall. With Stackato, customers can deploy an application to either a private internal cloud (like ones powered by vSphere, or OpenStack) or one hosted with a third-party cloud-hosting provider (like ones powered by Amazon, RackSpace or HP Cloud Services).

HP Cloud Services, announced in the fall of 2011, provides the next generation of cloud infrastructure, platform services and cloud solutions. HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Storage, available through a web-based UI with open, RESTful APIs, are based on HP’s world-class hardware and software, and OpenStack technology. HP Cloud Compute allows deployment of virtual machines (VMs) on-demand. VMs are customizable to handle unique workloads and to quickly scale. HP Cloud Object Storage provides online storage capacity on-demand. It is ideal for archival and back up, serving static content for web applications, and storage of large public or private data sets, such as online files and media.

About ActiveState

ActiveState enables developers and enterprises to innovate from code to cloud smarter, faster, and safer. ActiveState’s cutting-edge solutions give developers and enterprises the power and flexibility to develop in Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, Node.js, PHP, Tcl, and more. Stackato is ActiveState’s cloud platform for creating a private platform as a service (PaaS), and is the cost-effective, secure, and portable way to develop and deploy apps to the cloud. ActiveState is proven for the enterprise: More than two million developers and 97% of Fortune-1000 companies use ActiveState end-to-end solutions to develop, distribute, and manage their software applications. Global customers like Cisco, CA, HP, Bank of America, Siemens, and Lockheed Martin look to ActiveState to save time, save money, minimize risk, ensure compliance, and accelerate time to market.


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