Add a 6th Sense to your Coding in Komodo

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – February 19, 2007 – When you're in the zone, time kind of disappears, doesn't it? We get it. (But maybe your client or your boss doesn't.)

The recent new releases of Komodo IDE 4.0 and Komodo Edit 4.0 can be enhanced with 6th Sense Analytics' insights into the development process, the first third-party tool to take advantage of Komodo 4.0's new extension architecture.

6th Sense Analytics' sensors are open source components that enable you to track Active Time (the actual time spent actively working on coding, testing or debugging software) and Flow Time (the uninterrupted periods of Active Time when you're are "in the groove"). You can measure your own activities, parse your time by activity (viewing, editing, building, debugging, designing), and other tricks. The software and service are free for individual programmers.

It's simple:   

  1. Sign-up for your free personal account and download the sensor
  2. Install the 6th Sense Analytics sensor extension for Komodo
  3. Code your dynamic web app in Komodo while the sensor automatically collects activity data
  4. View and share your data via your web browser

And now that you've got that aspect of project management off your plate, you can spend more time creating your own extensions for Komodo. To keep up-to-date with Komodo extensions, join the Komodo community for Komodo user forums, FAQs, and resources for creating and sharing extensions at


The Komodo Team, ActiveState

p.s. If you haven't upgraded to Komodo IDE 4.0 yet, don't wait! Special promotional pricing ends February 28! Upgrade to Komodo IDE 4.0 now and save:

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