Congratulations to the Active Awards Winners 2001

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 6, 2001 – ActiveState is delighted to announce the 2001 Active Awards winners. We are inspired by the dedication, hard work and excellence of the many contributors in the Perl and Python communities. It is a result of their efforts that Perl and Python are the most popular and fastest growing open source programming languages. We congratulate all the nominees for their *active* contributions to Perl and Python:


  • Rocco Caputo
  • Paul Kulchenko
  • Matt Sergeant
  • Tim Vroom
  • Andy Wardley


  • Jeff Collins
  • Frederic Giacometti
  • Fredrik Lundh
  • Neil Schemenauer
  • Christian Tismer

The Programmers' Choice for Perl is Tim Vroom. Tim is the maintainer of the reknowned Perl community site, Perl Monks, and a developer on the Everything Engine. Perl Monks welcomes "seekers of Perl wisdom", providing a friendly haven for Perl programmers to improve their skills. The Everything Engine serves the backend behind web sites such as Perl Monks and, a collaborative community effort to document and link every idea known to humanity.

The Programmers' Choice for Python is Christian Tismer. Christian is the lead developer for Stackless Python. Stackless Python greatly reduces Python's stack requirements, makes Python possible on smaller platforms, and allows for new programming constructs such as coroutines and continuations. A generous contributor to Python, Christian is the founder of the popular Python Starship web site.

The Activators' Choice for Perl programming excellence is awarded to Nick Ing-Simmons. Nick is a long-time Perl and Tk porter. He's made numerous contributions to Perl code and the community over the past eight years. Most recently, Nick almost single-handedly was responsible for adding support for I/O disciplines and character encoding translations to the upcoming Perl 5.8, and for fearlessly rallying the Perl porters around the continuing work on Unicode support.

The Activators' Choice for Python programming excellence is awarded to Greg Ward. Greg is the lead developer of the Distutils package. Distutils allows the compilation of Python extensions on many platforms. It has a modular, extensible architecture that permits it to deal with extensions with complicated build requirements. Distutils is an important part of the emerging Python package management infrastructure.

Thanks to the Perl and Python communities for their participation. Check back soon for photos and good luck to everyone next year!

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