Get fired up in San Jose!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – April 3, 2001 – See the power of Komodo 1.0, our new cross-platform, multi-language IDE based on Mozilla! Come by our booth #1008 or check out our talk Building Cross-Platform Applications with Mozilla on Sunday and BOF Regular Expression Debugger on Wednesday. ActiveState is also delighted to showcase our Visual Studio plugins, Visual Perl, Visual Python, and Visual XSLT. These solutions extend the power of Python, Perl and XSLT into Visual Studio’s familiar development environment. Stop by the Microsoft theatre to see our presentation on Open languages & Visual Studio.NET or view a demo in the Microsoft pavilion or at our booth. Curious about Web Services and open source programming languages? Hear one of our experts discuss in a lecture and BOF SOAP Services with Perl and What is the future of Web Services & Programming Languages? on Wednesday. If you can't make it to SDWest, we're probably coming to a city near you soon.

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