Introduction to PHP

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 8, 2001 – Learn more about one of the web's most popular programming languages that is now available on over 5 million domains! PHP is an HTML embedded scripting language that is both easy to learn and powerful. Come to this month's Lecture Series, An Introduction to PHP, with ActiveState's Shane Caraveo, a PHP core contributor.

Speaker: Shane Caraveo, Senior Developer, ActiveState
When: November 14, 2001 @ 6:30 to 7:30pm
Where: ActiveState HQ, 580 Granville Street
Cost: Free to the community (no registration required)

Abstract: This talk will take you through the basics of PHP scripting, such as form handling, data types, file manipulation, and database access. Shane will also touch on advanced topics such as session handling, authentication, LDAP and Web services.

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