Komodo and Tux coming to Boston

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – June 21, 2001 – The Komodo Linux beta is being released at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Boston. Komodo is ActiveState's crossplatform, multilanguage IDE based on Mozilla. Want to hear more? Come to our BoF on "Mozilla as a Crossplatform Application Development Framework".

Shane Caraveo, Senior Developer, ActiveState Thursday @ 8-9:00 pm This BoF will present an overview of the Mozilla codebase as an application development framework. The topics we will cover include an overview of Mozilla as an pplication development framework; building portable user interfaces with XUL; XBL and JavaScript; XPCOM: Mozilla's component strategy, architecture of the Komodo IDE; a large non-browser Mozilla application; and lessons learned in working with Mozilla.

    That's not all… On the Perl and sendmail front, USENIX is using our Perl filter engine for sendmail, PerlMx Enterprise. Find out more at a BoF on "Getting Plugged into Sendmail"

      David Sparks, Developer, ActiveState Thursday @ 7-7:30 pm If you are interested in getting plugged into sendmail at the SMTP transaction level then this BoF is for you. We'll talk about how the Milter API lets you hook into sendmail at each stage of the transaction. Then we'll look at some simple filter examples written in C and Perl and discuss how these can be extended to provide powerful mail filtering solutions.

    Plus visit us at booth #30 and see what our conference special is. Can't make it to USENIX? We're probably coming to a city near you soon. 

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