Leading Perl Developer Arrives at ActiveState

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 4, 1998 – Gurusamy Sarathy is a five year veteran of Perl, the author of several modules and is the "Pumpking" for the next major release of Perl. Now ActiveState is welcoming him to their development team at the World Headquarters in Vancouver. ActiveState has worked closely with Sarathy in the past and his addition increases the depth of Perl expertise in the company.

"Perl is an important piece of the Open Source movement," notes Sarathy. "Perl is becoming the scripting language of choice for most Internet applications. I see myself providing a balance between what is good for Perl and creating stable commercial Perl Support."

This is exactly the role that Dick Hardt, President and CTO of ActiveState, is excited about Sarathy taking on.

"Having Sarathy with us, cements our position as the leading supplier of Perl technologies and services," says Hardt. Sarathy will be contributing as manager of ActiveState's relationship to the Open Source Community. "In his position here Sarathy will be continuing his activities in Open Source Development, including his role in the ongoing development of the Win32 port of Perl," explains Hardt.

Sarathy holds Masters degrees in Computer Science and Architecture. In his spare time, he likes to work toward his long neglected Ph.D. research on groupware design models for architectural designers.

"Sarathy is a really bright guy and great to have around," Hardt notes.

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