New Software @ O’Reilly Open Source Conference

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 15, 2002 – Next week at the O'Reilly Open Source conference in San Diego, ActiveState will be demoing new releases of its open language IDEs built on Mozilla and Visual Studio .NET and its email security and filtering software built on Perl. We'd like your feedback on the 2.0 alpha release of Komodo, our cross-platform, multilanguage IDE. Komodo provides editing and debugging for Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP, and XSLT on Linux and Windows, which now has CVS and GUI builder integration as well as Web services proxy generation. Check out just released Visual Perl 1.5 and Visual XSLT 1.5 – Visual Studio .NET plug-ins that offer editing and debugging for Perl and XSLT. New features include Web services client proxy generation, .NET extension objects support, and XPath IntelliSense, respectively. Hear about PerlMx 2.1 our enterprise email filtering system for spam and virus protection, and corporate policy enforcement. Built on powerful open source technologies, PerlMx utiltizes spamassassin, is extensible in Perl, and provides native support for sendmail. The 2.1 release acts as an email gateway and can now be deployed for use with any existing MTA. Stop by the ActiveState booth to see these new technologies, get a free ActiveCD, and to demo our other productivity tools such as PerlNET, our Perl component builder for the Microsoft .NET Framework, and Visual Python, our high-productivity Python plug-in for Visual Studio .NET. Attend one of our technical sessions for an in-depth overview of the technologies we work with:

  • Web Services and PHP; Shane Caraveo, ActiveState
  • PerlNET: The Camel Talks .NET; Jan Dubois, ActiveState
  • The Technical Challenges of Using Perl for Commercial Software; Gurusamy Sarathy, ActiveState
  • Spam Management on a Large Scale; Jesse Dougherty, ActiveState
  • Developing Applications on Mozilla; Dr. David Ascher, ActiveState & Ian Oeschger, Netscape
  • Hacking Your Mail with Milter; Gisle Aas, ActiveState & Derek Balling, Byram Healthcare

For free admission to the exhibition and more information click here. As a proud OSCON sponsor we hope to see you there or at one of our other events!

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