Pathologically Polluting Perl

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – February 14, 2001 – Interested in a free technical talk on Perl? Hear from one of our Perl zealots on how you can easily use other programming languages inside of Perl in the next ActiveState Lecture Series… Pathologically Polluting Perl with C, Python and Other Rubbish using Speaker: Brian "Ingy" Ingerson, Developer, ActiveState

When: February 21, 2001 @ 6:30-7:30 pm

Where: ActiveState HQ, 580 Granville St., Vancouver


No programming language is perfect. Sometimes it just makes sense to use another language. Wouldn't it be great to use Perl most of the time, but be able to invoke something else when you had to? '' is a new module that glues other programming languages to Perl. It allows you to write C, C++, and Python code directly inside your Perl scripts and modules. The Inline experience is similar to that of Perl itself. You simply write your code and run it. Inline will silently take care of all the messy implementation details and "do the right thing". It analyzes your code, compiles it if necessary, creates the correct Perl bindings, loads everything up, and runs the whole schmear. Now you can write functions, subroutines, classes, and methods in other languages and call them as if they were Perl. All in the privacy of your own script! BIOGRAPHY Brian Ingerson has been programming computers for nearly 20 years. He previously worked in the Library Automation industry where he specialized in gluing together technologies ranging from IBM mainframe systems to modern web services. He came to ActiveState from Seattle in Fall 2000, and has been responsible for bringing ActivePerl's PPM repository up to date with the CPAN. Brian is a very active member of the Perl community. He is best known for his module, which binds other programming languages to Perl. He is involved with local Perl User Groups, has contributed content to various technical journals, and is a speaker on Perl at technology conferences. Brian holds a B.S. of Computer Science from Northern Illinois University. His other interests include bicycle racing, billiards, and British motorcycles. Hope to see you there!

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